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Please don't come and say that Barca was diving a lot during this game. Msdrid players were playing a game called "kill the Barca player with ball". f*****g A...
7 years ago
I don't think the penalty shot was luck. It was a clear chance on goal that was denied on Suarez. He had beaten the last defender and was about to get ready t...
Aye. I meant to add you as a friend, not a rival! Your comments are intelligent! Cheers.
By the way, Di Maria was also diving like a little bitch. So both teams just did what was necessary to win.
Having Madrid, AN ATTACKING TEAM, play defensively on their own turf was a stupid move. This is not how they beat Barca at the Copa del Rey. Having said that, M...
Kinda embarassing the inter, known for being the best italian club team was outplayed by schalke.
It's kinda annoying that they only put the upload the post-game inteview, instead of just uploading the highlight. :@
Neither team proved to be the better side. It was anybodies game, both team were equally matched. Same thing goes for champions league match. No one knows wh...
Respect for Raul. He still got it. Very disappointment to see inter play like this.
I think Valdes was not well positioned during the first goal against Barca. I do give Arsenal credit for the second goal though. Tricky shot. Yes, Messi miss...
That ref had his nose up Gatusso's ass. After all that s**t he pulled, I can't believe he didn't get a red card. Way to be tha bigger man Crouch. Good solid d...
Diaby, what a dumb ass! so unprofessional. It is my opinion that he cost Arsenal the game. After that, New Castle deserved the tie.
There is not that much to say. Manchester was outmatched. Wolves had flawless defense and played wonderfully. Manchester did not play bad, it's just one of th...
Sevilla got robbed!! That ball went in. Dumbass ref!
They've won there last three games. Liverpool has no winning streak right now.
It's kind of suprising how teams like FC København give Barca a harder time than any of the spanish league teams. Even Madrid was easily defeated but yet you ...
Players with great potential like Bojan should leave Barcelona and go to clubs where they can be starting players and fully develop. It's a waste of talent.
My prediction Barca 3- Arsenal 1. Last time they played in a champions league match, Barca destroyed them 4-0. You can say Arsenal is doing a lot better this se...
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