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@MUFC1990 "They have always been as sensible as they can be in terms of financing the club," Ferguson added. "They have to invest in the team to maintain the ...
5 years ago
Ha I liked that's what she said. A junior financial analyst is a job not a business she has no empathy with business owners and the risks they take to make the...
The club is worth £1.42 billion we have £470million in debts and £70 million in cash. This means we have a net worth of £1.02 billion and the banks will bo...
I just hope england don't get this raped against france, still though I wouldn't mind seeing those goals again
F*****g devastated we lost tonight. The team selection for me could have not been more wrong. PARK!,Giggs,Smalling and Jones would not have played for me be...
United to win 9 nil today :)
6 years ago
We need to f*****g stuff city not just to win the league but to make a statement that we are the best team in the country!
I hope Balotelli is made captain next year and every one of his team mate's can accept that he is the main man...Where ever he plays next year. It's all down t...
Cleverly has got real potential Smalling Is better at center half I find. I would hope they all get in the squad even if not in the first team. Theres no doub...
I hope Welbeck can get a few goals before the end of the season and secures his place in the england first team. I think it is also a shame if jones, smalling ...
Perch was just in going down, allot more than carroll's dive or the numerous instances of Suarez diving every single game Suarez wins 5+ free kicks from going d...
Rafael played ace against Liverpool(34 points clear of) as well, he can bounce! sometimes it's like hes the tallest man on the pitch. two super goals tonight
Born in manchester already kisses the badge!
Tello's goals were fine the second one had spin on it and the first had dip. The spill was poor keeping and if you get chipped like that when you are a keeper ...
Chelsea hacking scum! how many pen's did we give away? Welbeck should have scored the first goal and you would have got beaten like men! clinging on for fourth ...
Somewhere on FootyTube
The game has gone to pot. The ref has got to give the first foul for obstruction and a free kick to england. England could be the best team in the world with ...
Sack capello he is crap! Bent wtf! capedo burn him!
Berbatov is a play maker like rooney, he can hold the ball up and pick out a pass and finish off a move he starts. I just wish he was more consistent and score...
Er what? nani and rooney losing form? rooney nearly scored like 5 times, and nani came close a couple of times. I don't think SAF will be losing any sleep
Scholes is the best ginger ever. I went to see united vs city a few years back. I was in the city stands with my friend who was a city fan. when Scholes scor...
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