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Exactly the only players that go are the ones that want to go that are too old or too young. who have we ever lost in their prime under saf. Stam, beckham we k...
5 years ago
Nani will get better and stay of course, where else is he going to go in reality manchester united are business men they don't sell players unless they make sil...
Just think if city lose to everton and newcastle which is possible,and we beat reading and sunderland which is probable,we can beat city to all but win the leag...
Hi, i just deleted a comment from you where you used quite a lot of curse words, including the word "pus**". please refrain from using such language as its aga...
Hi i just deleted a comment of yours in the City forum. it was a clear case of trolling, which is violating one of the website rules. now, i dont want to see...
Nani touched the ball, it was nothing more that a collision and a drop ball.
Oh well if you got to go, you got to go. Could be worse could be a city fan. Remember when real madrid made joe hart cry lol
Poor performance by the wingers tonight, young was shite again. they are all off the boil at the moment . I wouldn't mind young and nani going especially if it...
We have 6 world class players fighting over the CM position, but we need to buy a big physical player. No we don't, we have the best squad in the world. Schol...
He was f*****g awesome in that match, such a good passer of the ball, at that time though he was playing pin point long through balls at CB for us aswell
They are great,experienced players, We don't see the training everyday the boss does. Giggs and Scholes are far more likely to score for another reason statist...
We will be fine, we have got kagawa and rooney out. I think van perse got a bit of the Rooney syndrome today, everyone looks up to you all the pressure is on y...
Cheshire101 don't be burning Tevez anymore he is ugly enough as it is
I think he totally f****d it up. Yeah if you are gonna play the youngsters play them. To take of butner play fletcher at right back and rafel and left back wa...
It's a numbers game, I thought city were unlucky, made enough chances to get something out of that game. Could well still go through, in fact i would even say ...
Highlight of the season so far... Huth stamping on Suarez and getting away with it. Fergie sign him up.....
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