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8 months ago
It was damn easy for the ref to see what happed leading up to the red card..and he called it correct.
9 months ago
Ha ha your team sucks...
Hah hazard got soo pissed at torres
What the HELL HAVE I DONEEE!!!! i switched this game off in the 55th minuet to go grill some burgers thinking it was over.....must have been seconds before the ...
10 months ago
They are listed in team websites.. you should try an start a new website, then you could run it just as you wish.
Sometimes i try to find ways to do more but the goalie is always in the wrong position.
Too bad terry did not even get the goal...
Uhh, i mean the first goal, yeah, the first goal looked off sides.
Can we please get real highlights and maybe analysis...i was hoping to get a better angle on the second Liverpool goal...looked offsides.
Title winning form against the last positioned team in the league by a lucked out penalty..........................................................................
Englands going to need a lot of that
@Venusboy you havent even played your game yet....with all this s**t talk i hope you can at least tie...with your team 2 games behind..
I had a feeling this was going to happen.. a defender gets more goals then some forwards in chelsea. smdh
Toties had a good showing today...and they are on liverpools heels for that last cl spot..ill come back here when the season is over.
They only were on the pitch because we were up by 3....salah and ba will be gone soon but i hope that we keep schurrle.
We must have truly broken man city for them to fall to Norwich after our game... i would have guess for a strong showing against such weak team after an embarr...
Seems like arsenal fans are looking at what is coming for them. seems as if they are barking in confidence to hide their anxiety
Sounds like a load of lost against them and will again in march.
I love how cech doesnt touch a couple of the balls that were close calls flying by goal...he is straight class
I hate how excited the commentator gets when barca scored and yet he seems to always get depressed when valencia scored...just like always the refs kept barca i...
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