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Jocamero nominated R. Sterling (6') for Goal of the Week
4 years ago
Jocamero nominated Y. Touré (55') for Goal of the Week
Jocamero nominated K. Huntelaar (90') for Goal of the Week
Liverpool were really unlucky here. Lots of great chances... and a penalty that should have been given. Just not their day.
Ox absolutely hammered him. Should have been another penalty... its just tough to give them to a notorious diver. Its like the kid that cried wolf.
Jocamero nominated Z. Ibrahimovic (42') for Goal of the Week
Dani Alves ran all over this game. Deserved a few goals. Well done!
Holy crap. Can I vote for assist of the week?
I dont think he saw it coming in time
Oh my my my. The goalkeeper didn't even have a bad day. The game could have easily been 9-0. This is the best I have seen Liverpool all season.
Holy crap. How did Chelsea not score 7 more goals?
I cheer for good football, not just a team
So glad Valencia got the win after that garbage penalty. The goalkeeper won the game for them.
And Jordi Alba is such a fantastic pansy!
Amazing day for Old Man Eto'o!
I don't think it was a matter of overconfidence... they just played remarkably poorly during the first half. Couldn't string 5 passes together to save their li...
Phenomenal from the Fulham keeper. The score could have easily been 8-0.
Imagine being a goalkeeper and seeing both Bale and Ronaldo behind the ball for a free kick. Terrifying.
No, the goalkeeper is probably fine. Every one of those goals (except for maybe the last one) were unstoppable by any keeper on the planet.
It may have looked easy at first, but Suarez had to work his ass off for that second goal. Hats off!
A questionable penalty, sure. But the rest of the play... yikes.
I am a little disappointed with the amount and quality of Liverpool's shots. Should have had quite a few more against a team like Oldham.
Woof. What a miss by Chicharito!
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