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Jnthenge wrote in Somewhere on FootyTube
City should cut Tevez loose! Too much negative publicity for the club. In his mind carlos left months ago. We will never be the same threat as once was while wo...
6 years ago
@Lawrence83. Your comment is a bit idiotic. Who is paid any amount of money to be on the receiving end of racial slurs? What about racism don't you understand? ...
Publicity for City at the expense of united. That what the Hergraves signing is all about. If you can get MU players to swop sides you can tap into their fan ba...
Giggs tearing them apart...again and again. It is just class. Great form, awareness and instinct by Owen. He is a classic striker, no showboating, keeps it simp...
Somewhere on FootyTube
Man City using off the pitch tatics. Let the games and scandals begin. It is a bit low coming from a former united player though, where they are treated like ki...
Cross league comparisons are a bit stupid and mostly irrelevant. Why not enjoy all major leagues and let the champions leagues decide which team is the best bet...
Football fans are the most difficult people to please. People who say barca are boring just dont get soccer. Barca are the illest team and i am not a barca fan....
@Oohtobeagooner! Its the effing truth. Arsenal just didn't have the class of players to play a fabregas' level. Particularly in the last 2-3 three years. Just d...
Strange but exciting game! Moments of both genius and shocking plays from both sides. This is always an interesting fixture and nerves seem to play a huge part....
Or firm extended forward press on iphone joystick ....always pressing. hahaha.
Somewhere on FootyTube
In fact C ronaldos antics reminds me somewhat of maradona...big egos that are difficult to manage. However maradona made people love him for it by doing the rig...
He is far from ugly...and even further from "charecter" maybe closer to a character though.
Indeed he did...great run for a 37yr old
Lets try not to be petty. Carrick was great for united and will undoubtedly play a big part this season. He is coming out of injury and form/sharpness maybe an ...
We hope so. Rivalry between Gunners and united is part of the reason that EPL is so massive. It would be sad to lose that side of the games.
Very close to the best striker, but Messi still more complete like acphenom says. Wayne is now playing deep almost like an attacking midfielder(true 10), his mo...
To be fair. Challenge on Evra was more of a collision than anything else. Davies challenge on Cleverly, however, was down right disgusting.
To early for this BS, the season has only just started. Man-city are playing freaking awesome soccer and are true contenders. If you love soccer you should sto...
F-ing idiot was not even trying to get the ball. I like Davies on most occasions, but his lack of judgement going into that tackle was just unprofessional and m...
It seems that simple sense is lost idiots who can't understand context. Pure black and white thinkers i see. I feel sorry for you pity f wits. Its funny how my ...
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