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Why would u drop Cazorla?
3 days ago
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Is it Wenger who wants a keeper or is it just fans talking and speculating. Personally I think Ospina is a great keeper and has done really well with us.
5 days ago
I think so it is. Possibly in every position of the field as well. There is competition for places, something we haven't had for ages.
I also like to add he has stayed when we had that period of all our big players leaving, took a pay cut and changed position for the club. He is a true leader a...
Http://www.90min.com/posts/2074261-why-arsenal-need-mikel-arteta-more-than-morgan-schneiderlin?a_aid=35260 Good article on Arteta and why he is important to us...
I guess at the end of the day whoever is stronger is just up to the writer. :/
6 days ago
Http://batman.wikia.com/wiki/Robin_%28Damian_Wayne%29 @Oohtobeagooner he is the son of Bruce and Talia al Ghul. Damian is really strong lol and smart, he was ...
No one shall talk about the Green Lantern lol. Yea and Batman animated TV show that came out in the 90's was holy balls amazing. It was just so dark haha I star...
DC owns the animated movies and the TV shows and Marvel kills it in the big blockbuster movies.
Watch the animated movie of batman vs superman, its really good :)
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