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They are playing their game and its effective against us, we cant adapt to their game. Our passing hasnt been crisp enough to combat that.
6 months ago
Ox is just not cutting it for me. Ramseys passing hasnt been good.
I logged back in to just comment on this but basically, my personal option which i have had for a while is: I very well accept i might be wrong but apart from...
10 months ago
After 2006 when we lost the champions league final and it was all down hill after that.......
If i was a mod i would post a pic of my build :( I went with a black and red theme, colour matched my mouse and keyboard as well. But my build is about a year o...
1 year ago
I like computer hardware as well, but I have never seen that case before, what is it?
What's your specs? Air or water cooled? Sorry can't tell from the pic.
Tex is in no way a world class goal keeper.
They can take him :)
I was reading a news paper article on how Dan smith is the victim and it annoyed me.
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