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5 years ago
The commentator is an idiot, it doesn't matter if he got the ball, it was a stupid challenge - in the air, studs first.
7 years ago
Gotta love the british commentators: *while replay of huddlestone smashing the guy's face is playing* "well the arm came out and it MAY have caught him in the f...
Are you kidding? He was facing away from the ball with his arms kept at his body and his hand came up - the arm would have been there regardless of whether he p...
Now THIS is british football
Holy shite, that goal with the 2 one-two passes ripped up about 7 defenders... one of the best goals i've ever seen!
Pretty sure he meant Huntelaar being Milan's loss since he moved to schalke recently...
I don't understand why gunner fans keep criticising Bendtner - the guy's still very young, and it seems like you're only thinking of the Burnley game where he m...
I don't think Song is very underrated. At least not by Arsenal fans. His performances have been great since the second half of the 08-09 season and last year he...
Totally agree with u - if Ngog played against Blackpool like Walcott did he'd be singing praises. He's such a freakin douchebag...
Yakubu was offside when he missed his chance anyway so it was justified (the refs are sooo bad this worldcup). And bro you guys got 1 point from 3 matches, how ...
I can see this Barca team being the premier european team for the next few years - a bit like Milan used to be.
8 years ago
Everybody gives praise to Nasri, Arshavin and Bendtner, and rightly so, but I thought mention should go to Vermaelen, he had a brilliant game and made a few cru...
That was an own goal because Olsson's shot wasn't going on target until it hit myhill. I think that's how it works.
That's normal, it's manchester united.
Bergkamp's assists and passing were sublime - but we have a new person who can fill the role - van persie, if only he could stay fit. Before his ankle injury th...
I dunno if it was Wenger captaining him or an inspirational speech or something, but Almunia really stepped up today from his crappy performances against Pool a...
This is the crappiest video ever - how can you possibly make a vid where it switches games at half-time?
Fifa don't have the balls to implement a harsh enough punishment, but i can also understand why they won't. Imagine if they banned egypt from the 2010 world cup...
I think this was the first game he didn't start when he was fit - maybe he wanted to rest arshavin and at the same time give walcott some much needed game time.
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