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Um is it me or did villa??i think grab navarros balls?!
8 years ago
I actually like zola and westham and wouldve wished them luck against other teams but this was 2 pts definitely dropped, it still baffles me how we lost a fn 2-...
Jussi is the best goalie in the premiership...hes so underrated
Yeah but it wasnt
Lol those were some weak penalties...no conviction at all!
Wow buffon is simply an amazing gk...stunning saves. easily the best in the world
Good win i guess...atletico is a shadow of their former selves...why was the chelsea's first goal disallowed, it look legit to me as none if the players came in...
This was probably one of the best champions league game ive seen since the new liverpool chelsea bout (in champions league)..it had everything...defensive mista...
This the best ive seen milan play in a looong while...what an amazing game and win!
Yeah dont mind douchejakub over there...but i gotta say i dont like chelsea but drogba is something else...i must say though i wish chelsea had won this cuz apa...
Honestly who cares....only dumbassess will care to use it as an offensive term in the first place..and yes im well aware of why it is but its absolutely ridicul...
Yeah i agree...we lost the title these past few seasons cuz of our performances against teams such as birmingham
So why did one player get a red and another get a yellow...when they both exactly did the same thing?? and secondly eddie johnson shoulda put that game away..i ...
Lol good joke! its ok tho apart from the blips at manchester...arsenal has put in a solid performance to date adn with a game in hand...yeah if i were manU id b...
Great game by the gunnerS!for once i was very satisfied with their play and total football...i still think they need to work on their shooting tho..nikopolidis ...
The keeper coulda done better on atleast 4 of the 8 goals...he was pure crap and so where his defenders...so naive
What kinda shitty defending is that!?!?nigeria is almost wasted potential and talent...smh
My fav part of this game was that arsenal apart form mannone played like utter crap but still got the W :) gunners for life!
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