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I dont think ive ever seeing a comment from moeb8 that doesnt bash on our captain anyway 9.5/10
1 week ago
I miss DIEGO I think the reason why we have been playing more defensively, is because Diego has been missing
So is it true that if matic/fabs get a next yellow, they will no longer have to serve the two game ban?
1 month ago
Im really not that upset. i kinda expected us to get knocked out at some point. premier was/is our priority, and quite frankly less games should do us good to p...
2 months ago
I dont understand how the fa doesnt kiss our @$$, only team to represent those mugs in europe
The fact that the ref didnt even blow his whistle, is absolutely disgraceful. if the ref would do his effing job, blown the whistle and send that mughead packin...
22 west palm beach florida
3 months ago
Everyone has there bad days, remember those bad games came after both his MOTM performances against liverpool
I think he should keep starting with the absence of costa. as much as we love drogba he is way past it. yes he is still the best at aerial duels and holding up...
Never understood the selling of de bruyne. he is miles ahead of schurlle and salah
There is a distinct lack of chemistry in united
We rely heavily on matic. need to sell players like mikel(i think he did good today tho) and have and actual backup for DM
5 months ago
Colombian here as well. also from cali lol james has potential to be the best but i think he is incredibly one footed. as to our problem been the back 4. errr ...
Asking a friend who supports manu, to teach me how to celebrate a draw, cause this blows
We're actually 15-4-0, cant forget our coc games
Terry is the reason for our shaky defense, HAH okay buddy
6 months ago
Drogba vs messi https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BrI7VRfqgo4
Cause of 1 miss. no, quite frankly i disagree with you buddy
Wasnt expecting such an interesting game. great game actually. we were actually kinda terrible until the 65 minute. the most times i can remember us losing the ...
I dont understand that statement what so ever. he comes on to close/slow the game out, is what most of you argue but what actually happens is that we start sitt...
1 year ago
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