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Its a shame van purse strings couldn't envision this team coming together like it is. If only, if only.
Reading the biography = using the club as a cash cow at any cost...
2 years ago
Loved your rant on the ManU Arsenal game.. Agree with everything that you're saying. Wenger needs to s**t or get off the pot. I love what he has done, but he ne...
Aand my rant starts...NOW
I remember 8-2 like it was yesterday and this was equally as painful if not more. why? because that game was thankfully a one off blip. This game couldve easily...
Just read the article about Santos not thinking what he did was so bad. Are you serious?! He probably would've said the same thing if he had gotten on his knees...
Only positive an arsenal fan can take from this season so far? As Piers Morgan said, if Arsenal finish 17th, we can be sure as hell Spurs will be 18th. LOL
I'm one of those In Wenger We Trust fans, but this game made me lose so much respect for him. We play 4-2-3-1? Since When? I couldn't believe it when I saw the ...
But at the same time i somewhat feel sorry for wenger. seems like hes succumbed to greater powers in the board and CLOWN----> gazidis. Arsenal seem very happy a...
Brings me to another point, I dont understand why walcott isnt playing just cuz of contract talks. If thats the stand the club takes with those situations then ...
Every year Wenger puts his head at risk, but always comes through with the top 4 finish. I don't know if i believe that can happen with the way hes got the team...
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