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4 years ago
5 years ago
Are you a real gunner? I always want spurs to lose.
Yeah found that extremely weird too. refs are really messing up the games, seriously we have good footballers, can't we have better refs? and if they cant ref f...
6 years ago
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LOL, exactly. LA Liga is boring, dont get me wrong, of course Barcelona and Real Madrid are top teams in the world, but only Valencia sometimes being able to ch...
Every time there is bullshit refereeing, players diving, players kicking each other, it just ruins so much for me.
Any full highlights?
Any full highlights?
EPL is just simply always more exciting than any other league.
Obviously, Messi is as good as anyone has ever become good at football so far.
Both of sunderland goals were scored off arsenal players. and that penalty should have been given. and we have players like Squilaci, djourou playing. we...
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Haha what the f**k? and man city fan bringing up Man U beating arsenal 8 - 2 is relevant? what, are you gonna say same city or something retarded like that? f**...
HAHAHA so many people talking s**t. but yeah, man u could have gotten even more penalties than those two given, and yes, it does look like welbeck did drag hi...
Why is it so easy to just hate all the chelsea players? I really don't think it's because I am an arsenal fan. I think they are just dicks.
If someone looks like he has an uni-brow, he probably has one.
I think he's just saying that we gunners just don't want Bale playing for spurs, just because he is too good. I honestly think bale and modric are playing all t...
LOL funny observation about fifa. I play as Arsenal of course, and I see real madrid and chelsea just swapping teams.
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Yep we missed out on many players that we desperately need back on the squad, Arteta, Wilshere, Gibbs, and vermaleon. HAHA frustrated with the game? yes, th...
What are you talking about. there were some good finishes. even gervinho who does everything right and can't finish, scored the only goal for arsenal. there wer...
Haha f**k off, song shouldn't have been sent off for the first tackle. but those two? yes they both deserved yellow. but you can't give two yellow cards at once...
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