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I get it, the site is run by cun/ts. Fu/ck, I wish I would have known before I started playing.
2 years ago
Jimmybreeze updated their profile
This site's gone to s**t and has been for a while. I'm still asking myself why I keep coming here. Probably dreamfooty but now that they've managed to ruin that...
Hey Jimmy, how's it going mate? I remember you're from Ukraine and I was wondering if you were planning on going there yourself during the EC?
6 years ago
2 cool votes for you mate!! See you around this awesome site called footytube and let's make twenty premiership titles this year mate!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!...
Any reason you added me as a rival? I don't remember doing or saying anything to you.
Thank you for your message, all my little guys bring me a LOT of points. it is precisely the unknown player who brings in a lot. the big players (messi, nani, x...
Don't forget to watch the game!
Hey whats up ? how are you ?
I don't know man, I really don't know. I don't want to be biased, I see them finishing 2nd at least. And then of course it's Chelsea and us to decide who's havi...
I just wish the game would have started earlier because the players I predicted would be doing well are, doing well, and some people might just look at that and...
Chamakh 9ml Piatti (Valencia) 8ml Lewandowski (Dortmund) Not so sure about him though 9m. You did ask for Champions League football though, and that kind of rul...
1. Manchester City 2. Manchester United 3. Chelsea 4. Arsenal 5. Liverpool 6. Tottenham 7. Everton 8. Bolton 9. Fulham 10. Aston Villa It is far too...
Who said Love was not still in the game?
Making It Up As We Go Along by Jose Mourinho Is A Scumbag in stores now.
Oh yeah, Reddit. I heard it was the king of alternative news; something about user submitted content? Didn't it used to be really good at one point but has sort...
What the hell is a cricked neck? Creaking, like floorboard creaking? Scary mother fu**er
I'm so bored of all this, when's it gonna start already?
Brilliant. Let god do his magic.
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