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LVG" Ryan, Who scored the goal" Giggs"mata" Lvg "lets sub him out"
1 week ago
That is priceless Kiran, u got me laughing
Its good that they play today,training match keeping out the lactic acid from the joints and stuff,lvg is a smart man after all
The old offside trap,thats what the half time speech should be about
Can we get Derby to play for us their up 2 goals when the have to score 4, thats how u do it
What c team? we dont have an a or b team
ONE GOAL EVERY 4.73 MINS...DDG should play sweeper from the half it would be fun What have we got to loose
Money well spent
2 weeks ago
I think LVG's wife planted the bomb so as he could get an extra weeks wages:-) any way the final score against Bournemouth will be 18-1,its been that kind of ye...
Would love Simeone (but hes a red card merchant).I feel as though Klopp would have been the best fit for this united team as he plays with what hes got.But that...
So you dont think Giggs could manage to beat Bornmouth and Crystal Palace...Lvg can only f**k it up.If he wins he stays? Only the players can win the next two g...
Wish we had the board that Everton had,,I think Giggs could handle 2 games,,They got rid of deadwood with one game left...Good to have balls,HUH
Hey!! you !!!!put the clipboard down and Manage with your pashion
Hey still hope, Man city loose to swansea and we beat Bornmouth by a deflected own goal or a bull s**t penalty.. Thats the United were stuck with
This team is a very long way from champions league quality.
Still a long way to go, we can mess it up even more
I call bullshit on the own goal,what about alonsos goal for baryern,thats an own goal
3 weeks ago
Liverpool game just starting. Im sure its been discussed here before,If we look at what Klopp did there. Could we assume that we would be in a better place with...
1 month ago
LOL Sorry
Jimjo just became a Rival of Arsenal
2 months ago
Jimjo is now friends with Tdsmufan
3 years ago
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