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Yes it was nasty
3 days ago
Bearwithfish, sounds like your happy with an arsenal or city type performance in the champions league, im talking about winning it
4 days ago
This has to be a playoff year.
Nani only ever gave us flashes of greatness,Hernandez is just a poacher not a striker, and Welbeck was a sign that we were at the end of an era, never good enou...
1 week ago
Sorry Danipak, yes barca need to score five, i thought he was talking about Arsenal
No , hes right ,they only need to score 4, without letting any in
I just watched the highlights of the Arsenal game, it seemed to go on for a long time and it looked like Bayern scored 8.just goal after goal after goal
Welbeck , dont make me laugh Bhakeerathan, Welbeck , hahahahhahahahH
Is someone getting the best,the best, the best of you! Good job Cristy.
2 months ago
The best player in the world gets the golden ball, good job Cristy
Sorry boys i should not have lost my faith lol GOOD JOBB
Underestimated , to bad , bad move by Z there. Should have kept up that club record
Just to let you lot know: I coach kids in the USA (where they dont see a lot of football games). Tonight i showed them a video of how a real man behaves on the ...
He is on a mid table team
Playing dream footy for many years now,Ronaldo is the best player in the world, But i have to let him go,,its killing me;-(
5 months ago
I think he is saying Godin is overrated there ,Fernandez
Jimjo just became a Rival of Arsenal
11 months ago
Jimjo is now friends with Tdsmufan
3 years ago
4 years ago
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