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Hahahah lol yeah this guy is retarded!!! saying that ronaldo showed what messi doesn't have!! messi shows what ronaldo doesn't have.. 2 fifa world player of the...
7 years ago
We're here.. just dissapointing loss. after watching the second half i thought we could come back from madrid domination and win.. but ronaldo had a good header...
Lol these emg;ish commentators are incredibly biased!!! lol i watched the game in spanish and they were talking about how much tottenham was diving for a pk and...
Lol good defense??? 30 % possesion is not good defense c=barca had alot of shots on goal
Van Persie had 11 touches on the ball. him being sent off had nothing to do with the result. barca was destined to go through. stop making excuses arsenal fans....
I lik ehow an Arsenal fan is saying how uncosistent city is. Did he not watch his team have a 4-0 lead then tie the game? then tie sunderland?? I like mancheste...
Hahaha lol a few? more like 5
Las time I checked football is a team sport not a loner sport so in turn that does make messi a better player than ronaldo. why are we even having this discussi...
Wht did ronaldo do today?? nothing but tie!!! keep putting up excuses ronaldo fans!!! I guess we'll see who'sw better at the world cup so messi can prove he's b...
C. ronalo fans where you at??? VISCA BARCA CAMPEONES!!! real madrid has nothing on barcelona!!! extremely well done by barca and messi 34 goals in a season tyin...
Hey did you have a good cry in your mama's lap, hahahahahaha. forza inter
Oh crap! i didn't see barca isn't that good comment! lol your funny... get 6 trophy's in a year then come talk to a barca fan about a good team! lol poor chel...
I didn't even see the possesion! wow... embarassing really for mourinho at a semifinal stage in the strongest competetion in the world end a match with 14% poss...
Motta's foul would of been a yellow regardless sending him off anyways!.. yes busquets exagerated but a hand to the face is always a yellow... childish from mot...
Barca does miss inesta very much and i believ it woud of been different with the deadly trio messi, iniesta, and xavi.. However congratulations inter... i admit...
Highly doubt that messi is a player ina class of his own... and im sorry but ronaldo cant blame madrid either he couldn't beat barcelona with man u in the champ...
8 years ago
I cannot rmember the last time there wer no english teams in the semifinals
Hmmm i dont believ bendtner is a waste.. he needs a good midfielder and a good winger to support him.. Yeah he might not be extreme class and on the level of ib...
Good game Arsenal... I believ yall played well in both legs but unfortunately Messi is a barcelona player! lol Good luck in the Premiership as I'm rooting for y...
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