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Thanks for adding me as a friend cool pic
8 years ago
Hey Gorgeous! Thanks for the request, glad to meet you. Stay warm in NY!
Great game from Wayne Rooney. Im very pleased with their performance. Now, I can just sit back and hope for a Chelsea loss.
Fletcher's goal was amazing. United needed that after losing to Chelsea. It was such crap, that Chelsea game, but this almost makes up for it. Ferdinand needs t...
Sweet. I'd like to play in college but I don't know if I'll have time. I want to be a physical therapist. Maybe work for some pro team.
Hey....well i'm an aussie... i just play for a small league nothing serious though next year i hope to join the university team
Can you tell me why every other team hates Manchester United? Why do you? Please tell me so I can prove you wrong.
Hey! Does your profile say you play in sweden?
Hey! whats up? My name's James. Where do you play for? I haven't seen too many highschool players like myself on this site.
I think Nani's doing an excellent job replacing Ronaldo. Of course he's not as good but I think he's really stepped up.
Anyone know anything about the rumor that Rooney's goin to Real Madrid? I think that's bull. Rooney's a Manc and always will be.
Man U's playing Chelsea next week I think.
How sick was Berbatov's goal against Blackburn today? It doesn't happen that often but when it does ... WOW!
Amen KmiggyG! but seriously dude, sweet picture. Very provocative. Its a shame she's wearing a gunner shirt.
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