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Thanks for adding me as a friend cool pic
5 years ago
Hey Gorgeous! Thanks for the request, glad to meet you. Stay warm in NY!
Great game from Wayne Rooney. Im very pleased with their performance. Now, I can just sit back and hope for a Chelsea loss.
Fletcher's goal was amazing. United needed that after losing to Chelsea. It was such crap, that Chelsea game, but this almost makes up for it. Ferdinand needs t...
6 years ago
Sweet. I'd like to play in college but I don't know if I'll have time. I want to be a physical therapist. Maybe work for some pro team.
Hey....well i'm an aussie... i just play for a small league nothing serious though next year i hope to join the university team
Can you tell me why every other team hates Manchester United? Why do you? Please tell me so I can prove you wrong.
Hey! Does your profile say you play in sweden?
Hey! whats up? My name's James. Where do you play for? I haven't seen too many highschool players like myself on this site.
I think Nani's doing an excellent job replacing Ronaldo. Of course he's not as good but I think he's really stepped up.
Anyone know anything about the rumor that Rooney's goin to Real Madrid? I think that's bull. Rooney's a Manc and always will be.
Man U's playing Chelsea next week I think.
How sick was Berbatov's goal against Blackburn today? It doesn't happen that often but when it does ... WOW!
Amen KmiggyG! but seriously dude, sweet picture. Very provocative. Its a shame she's wearing a gunner shirt.
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