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I miss the quiet scholes. Still one of my favorite players.
Bump up our avg age?
Yea, don't get me wrong I still think he's the only player I'd take from pool. At the same time, I'd rather leave him and give adnan more time.
5 days ago
Finishing = 0 or De Gea = 100%?
Fear and probably because he's got a frikkin system. I think a lot of the times under Moyes, our players looked lost and had zero game plan and so they all st...
Yea, the last thing LVG wants to do now is upset the form this team is on. It looks like his system is starting to work so why mess it up? If he can keep ev...
2 weeks ago
It's funny that he was brought in by Moyes and was made into one Everton's best by Moyes but it took LVG to get him going here. But like someone said earlier, ...
Don't insult fletcher like that. He screwed up one pass but he does all the little things that go unnoticed like constantly being an outlet for the defense. A...
3 weeks ago
Didn't RVP get injured at QPR? pretty sure it wasn't at OT. the one at QPR was worse though cuz it was almost like a 4-5ft hole.
I'm wondering if there are still die hard Wenger fans. It seems like most have realized that he was what they needed before but now it's time for someone new t...
I actually still like Smalling. He's turned up in a lot of tough situations. That said, I don't like him as a RB. He's best at CB I find.
Hames van Wilson? Might as well throw another nationality...
I think I should get my blood pressure checked.
4 weeks ago
Imagine if the players got paid based on the performance of their last game? DDG would be rolling in the dough.
Wow. So relieved after watching the first half. We looked so vulnerable!
If they put on Giroud, it very well could be.
I don't know if I can watch this game... Defense looks scared and now young???? I don't think I've felt so scared as a united fan before. SO GLAD DDG ISNT I...
Forget the Falcao fee. Let's use it to pay someone to lift the injury curse. That might be more useful.
Exactly what Badge said. I think if he had simply owned up to his shortcomings, he would still have a better relationship with the United fans. A lot of fans ...
1 month ago
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