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Don't worry SIF, I'm not all doom and gloom about it. Was just saying that I hope we don't go the City/Chelsea route and lose all our English players in the en...
1 day ago
Yea, its not that I don't agree with SIF and MUFC1990 its just part of why I liked United as well - the fact that we give local homegrown kids a chance and con...
It kinda worries me that all the English players are on their way out... Don't get me wrong, they don't deserve to stick around but...
Heaven Edit: some details: being in Canada, there isn't exactly a huge footballing culture here although it has grown quite a bit. So the highlight for me was ...
2 days ago
Disappointed about the loss, could care less about the cup but its very disappointing to lose a number of games for such a big squad already and a good chance f...
3 days ago
Possible result of running double training sessions? Hopefully their bodies will get used to it and they'll be stronger in the long run... grasping for straws...
4 days ago
Http://www.slideshare.net/mobile/coachingtech/barcelonaphilosophy1 Was doing some research into LVG'S systems and found this!
5 days ago
So what's the lineup going to be? Fletch Herrera behind Mata and a front three of Januzaj - Roo/RVP - ADM? Or does Roo get pushed out to the wings?
6 days ago
There's also the other pieces of RM spending crazy money on Bale and Rodriguez. I see your point but that's the missing info too.
That is a bold bold thing to say! Di Maria is HUGE though! If things pan out like most have been saying, it could be ADM plus another CB and CM making the swi...
@beatmaboxes: YES. DO IT. Hahaha! He can do all the talking. Woody can crunch the numbers.
Yea, just finished reading it and it's a great read. I'm really glad GNev's taken up his role in the media because he's doing a hell of a job. Would love to see...
1 week ago
I've got a chicha jersey but even I think he should go. Welbeck has started,fulfilling his potential and id love to see a local boy flourish at the club...
I was hoping that we'd go for Varane especially seeing as his playing time is limited. I can't decide whether it makes me happy or sad that Kroos and Cesc we...
@theatre I know we were at odds around Blackett the other day and then you had a dig at me by lumping me in with the unconditional Moyes backers. But I just ...
Maybe its my optimistic naivety but I think there's at least one more. A) its pretty clear we need reinforcements and answers to our midfield and defence. B) I...
Such a joke. "Now that you're squad is ready, here's your ban!! Oh, and if you're not ready, you can use the rest of this window to shore up your squad." This...
Https://sites.google.com/site/interestingtechnology/Refuel_B-2_Spirit.jpg Damn it!
I'm calling it first: Di Maria AND Reus!!!!! One can dream right?
Probably sometime near the beginning next summer's window?
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