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This is scary if it's true. I mean, we all know that we're overloaded in that area and we all know where we need to strengthen. Not only that, but the idea o...
8 hours ago
Chill out? It's an emotional day at the end of a horrible season and we can all point fingers at pretty much everyone at the club and come up with a reason as...
I never noticed that the dude was crapping with his pants on...
If there's anyone I'd like to take the job with sentimental ties, it would be GNev. Its not just,his tactical nous but his passion for United. Plus, I think he ...
1 day ago
How are we THIS crappy? There was a pretty good analysis of why we've sucked this season posted by someone last week. Showed photos of us standing around in s...
3 days ago
Dude, curling's awesome!!!
Listen, I just gotta say one thing: punctuation marks
4 days ago
I'm gonna freaking read this to my kids as their bedtime stories every night. Thanks for that Prophet
1 week ago
That run by Weir was pretty impressive too! A lot of talent bubbling in our youth. Another potential class to takeover??
Keep hope alive!!!!
Haha! Thanks Jeroen! I got a chicha shirt and he's stuck on the bench... Not quite the same as the RVP situation but maybe I should apologize to Chicha for ru...
Do we get to choose the Jose picture??
Bolt wouldn't even need to flirt with the line anyway. He could start 2feet in front of the defender and still beat them to the ball!
It'd be interesting if you could post your results when you're done!!
Vinegar strokes!! ....anyone watch "The League"??
Where'd they get that footage from!? is that an actual commercial?
Play some kind of ladder formation?? haha!! no more wing play!!! 4-2-2-2
Cheers man. Like I said, I think your opinion is very much appreciated on our forum in general. Just a bad day on our forum. Take it easy, and hope to stil...
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Hey Jiffy, thanks man. It means a lot to me you said that. I didn't really care about it, but as you said, it certainly didn't encourage me to visit the United ...
Hey Jeroen, Noticed you got a lot of stick today on the united forum and hope you're not turned away from it cuz I like your posts whether I agree with them or...
2 weeks ago
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4 weeks ago
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