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And bale for 40. Source??
Just had to poke the bear eh?? :P I dunno, looks like your other post about ADM got pretty heated!
1 day ago
I hate both players for the nonsense that they are but did Rogers really think he could replace Suarez with Balo?? That's like one headache for another. At lea...
3 days ago
Haha, is that the article about Cambridge using the money from our game for their toilets??
4 days ago
Cmon... The man can run... Shouldve given that Bolt character a chance.
1 week ago
Is it just me or was our tempo quicker in preseason?
I guess the plus side is more games for our big squad???
Ass twitching time?
Really?? Good to know! I've only watched a bit but I really wish Herrera would get more playing time.
Just joined the party. Cannot believe what I'm seeing... Is this his balanced 3-5-2?
Maybe he saw the chance to learn from Ronaldo and took the chance. Oh, and ya, 80k /week helps
And that is how you retire by 18 folks.
Yea, that's why I thought he'd be going to Ajax or something. I'm sure he had a lot of fun on his eurotrip! Especially when these rich clubs are courting you...
I agree... I doubt that clubs make the decisions anymore, it all comes down to the agents...
What, Real Madrid don't have enough??? Odegaard chose his future. Might as well go there now, he was probably going to end up there at some point.
Don't worry, when we actually do get a penalty, all hell will break loose and the Internet will break with all the ABU complaints.
I slagged him when he came on cuz frankly I'd rather see Herrera. Felli's had a pretty great season so far I'll admit but I just hate it when he comes in and es...
And this is how LVG shuts you up - when his two subs score... I just hope he realizes that this formation is what's working for him. Wilson really impress...
Omg, thanks God it's QPR
Same here!! Haha! I still want Herrera to play more though! And yes, I put it more to the 4-4-2!
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