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5 years ago
Why don't these highlights show Fabregas simulating to get Medel sent off? Once again, when Barca get in trouble they cheat to get a player sent off. http://ww...
Actually the objective of football is to put the ball in the back of the net. Sorry, but you are wrong.
6 years ago
It was the most attractive football to me. It's arrogant to say that your opinion of attractive football is more correct than mine.
What do you have to say for Pep then Kidulthood? If winning a league with Madrid, Porto, Chelsea, and Inter, Champions League with Porto and Inter, 4 different ...
I'm not sure you are intelligent to know what "losing steam" means. Coming back from a 1-3 loss in the first leg to win the second 4-1 would be known as "gainin...
What are you talking about? Mata was doing his best impression of Messi taking a penalty...by missing it
I'm amazed that Barcelona are allowed to play two keepers. Busquets know this is FOOTball right? Glad the referee caught Maradona Jr in the act though, must hav...
How could McClean have known how bad the injury was? For all he knew Mertesacker merely tripped over his own feet. At first glance I thought he had simply tripp...
"OBVIOUSLY in no pain because he is looking at the ref for gods sake. " Obviously in no pain because he is looking at the ref for god's sake http://www.youtub...
Yeah the referees always call everything against United at the Bridge. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4ibUb5QpZHk Uhh, time to admit you're an ignorant, biase...
Drogba is at AFCON...they didn't sell him. He'll likely leave on a free this summer though.
You can't remember the last time Barca were 3-0 down because EVERY TIME they go 2-0 down the referee sends off a player from the other side. Every. Single. Time...
Get over yourself. If anyone has "spirit" like you claim, it's Tottenham. You don't have billionaire owners, you have nearly a billion in debt. Is that really a...
Listen we're sorry that Messi can't convert your penalties but that is not out fault
Pinto handling the ball outside the box no red? Barcelona was lucky again. Everyone outside of Barcelona can see that your club gets unfair advantages from refe...
I enjoyed the article as a whole though. It is interesting to me that the vast majority of managers, both good and bad, are former top flight footballers. It do...
You think Avram Grant got Portsmouth relegated? He was a miracle worker there. First off, he took over half-way through the season when they had 7 points from 1...
Somewhere on FootyTube
Terry is being investigated despite Anton not having anything to say about the matter. In the meantime, Fabregas is NOT being investigated despite offending Kan...
He said pretty possible...not impossible. Try reading.
8 years ago
Show me where I said Chelsea didn't deserve to lose today? You idiots should open your eyes and watch the Chelsea game - What Ballack did for his red, now THAT ...
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