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The dutch wer clearly better,man they had like 20 chances? but u see it's football and the one who scores wins Concrats Danemark!
We dont play soccer,we play football :p
6 years ago
After the WC Spain lost to Argentina,Portugal and England... They are still very strong Holland lost to Germany... They are still very strong Germany lost to ...
Last time Holland vs Portugal was WC 2006? lol,stop living in the past mate. I am sure we are a match for you guys ;)
They lost to Argentina as well...with 4-0? Spain is good but not unbeatable m8
We (the dutch) arent afraid for Spain,as a matter of fact i hope we will face them during Euro 2012 and have our revenge! GG tho,Spain is the bomb but have to ...
Offcourse there are matches for Spain. You judge this game vs Venezuela,cmon just be serious Venezuela is a b team... Also Spain lost vs Argentina and vs Portug...
Go cry elsewhere m8,read your first post already and u made your point clear. partially agree with you about the voting thought England wasnt ''much better'' ...
U are the one vote rubbish for Holland? ;)
Clearly u watched another game m8. England the better team? They did well,but holland was leaning back all the time and turned up the pace a few times. When the...
Definately offside,the first goal of England. Second half gave all the action though,nice game! Robben masterclass!
Gomez was on the bench therefor he was available.. Nevertheless Germany outclassed Holland despite of missing players like Afellay,VdV,RVP and Robben.
Holland would have given a proper showdown as well if they had their complete attack and midfield. Im looking forward to the games at Euro 2012 where Germany,Sp...
Exactly what Holland missed on their side...their pure class players in front and on midfield.
You forget Affelay ? ;)
Congrats Germany,you totally outclassed Oranje this match. No excuse Holland missed Robben,Afellay,Van der Vaart and Van Persie Though that would have been a di...
LOL Holland B versus Germany. No Afellay,Van de Vaart,Robben,RVP and now Sneijder seems to be injured as well... No fun at all
Lol holland vs germany no van de vaart,robben,RVP and now sneijder seems to be injured as holland b versus fun
Dissapointing game from the dutch. Tho they only lost one game since the WC final when they were allreadt qualified.Spain lost 4 games now since the WC final
LUCKY England.period
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