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Azizdel (Siavash) from Tehran, Iran
I am funny whenyou get to know and am a HUGE birmingham fan
Ben (Tarek Ben) from New York, USA
An avid Arsenalist since the french era began in the late nineties. I fell in love with the way football was played at Arsenal. This has inspired me to attempt to replicate this be ...
BenBro (Ben Toms) from Oyster Bay, USA
I graduated from Salisbury University and am currently working full time for a private firm on Long Island while attending Graduate school full time as well. I was born in Surrey, ...
Bennyj2 (Benny Jeke1) from Pakuranga, New Zealand
I am 14 years old and come from New Zealand, and likes to talk to people from other countries
BigShel (Sheldon D.) from Unionville, USA
My home club is the Philadelphia Union. My home brew is Yuengling Lager!!!! My second favorite sport is women's pro beach volleyball!
Chelsea and
BoiiFresh (James Andrew) from London, England
Booshy (Logan Hunter) from G-field, Nz
Brod40 (Ben Roden)
CanonsofArsene (Nilmar)
I am Irresistible. Trust me till you've met me, after which you will be convinced of it, my friend. Lol no... I guess I'm just chill but a little feisty at times.
Canovia (Conroy Harding) from Mandevile, Jamaica
Cha014 (Chetan Amin) India
My three gods-Zidane,Henry,Ronaldinho
ColonelBX (Hitoshi) from Kobe, Japan
I am one of the rare japanese chelsea supporters.. :P I support Chelsea since I started watching EPL I support Ireland since 2002 I support BVB and I'm a "fan" of Schalke (Uch ...
Davian (Zaheer) from Kingston, Jamaica
Crush n dismantle all opposition
Dilwik (Andika) Indonesia
Arsenal and
Dizzler (David A)
Ah not much to say really...just ask i suppose
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