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@Isenblud...The problem i have with barca on this match is that they tried to go through the middle too many times. Fab and Alexis are not providing the width t...
6 years ago
Agreed that Abidal was the MOTM but may I ask you why pedro is not good enough?? He featured in two CL finals, had a sensational last season, tremendous work ra...
Lolll that's kinda true...Messi is one player that really light up the barca style...personally i think barca would be a bit boring without messi...loll
Heyyyyyy...Do anybody else think that the barca midfield is too overcrowded??? I really think that they should bench fabergas and put in pedro when he is fit......
When messi scores, the entire team celebrates with him....when ronaldo scores only pepe n marcello go upto him n celebrate....says a lot doesn't it??!
7 years ago
Messi was AMAZING today....the boy seemed as if he was afraid to he kept passing...and boy...what know i am glad pique is out of the A...
Not a bad win...but not a great win either....messi must DEFINITELY be rested next match.....tooo tired...villa was dissapointing...close unforgivable misses......
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