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I wonder where all the Karim haters went? They're probably still lurking in their caves.
21 hours ago
Abu diaby should absolutely not play in the worldcup he needs to strengthen and rehab properly. I would be really surprised if they found a place for him in th...
1 day ago
Barca still has the best goal differential
1 week ago
I wouldn't say that barca is declining. It's that the RM and atletico are just getting better.
Every goal is a defensive mistake....
We all secretly love Atletico
The emirates library should be ashamed of themselves. the price of tickets to watch a game is the hightest in england. I don't blame true gooners from not going...
4 weeks ago
All this talk about spending money is ridiculous. do we really want our club to be in massive debt like man united? this isn't even a bad season for us! at the...
I think that if Arsene win's the FA cup he should retire. and they should replace him with Martinez.
1 month ago
This is about the olympics but the parallels between world cups can probably be link quite easily
It's sad but that's the way media works. you won't hear a thing about the debt countries go through after a world even is held in a city. Billions of dollars in...
How do you guys feel about roberto martinez replacing wenger after he retires?
I feel bad for him. he would be playing games at a lesser club, instead of sitting on the bench. let's not forget the game he won for us
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