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Messi is definitely raising his bar a bit since his injury, he should always play as the main center striker, because all the other forward combined don't match...
I hope Martino realized that the best position that Messi can ever have in the field is upfront in the center, all their other strikers together can't compare w...
You mean we are?, what kind of fan are you? u demon!
Nice game by my countryman Pizarro but I wonder why Barcelona doesn't keep using Viva la vida after a goal like we use to, I mean the Barca hymn is good and all...
It might had to do with the 4 Liverpool lads invading America, I think is not just a common week for them...
Ummm don't speak too soon boy, now Atletico got us both haha, Simeone really has changed this team.
That guy Noone is the closest thing to Messi in the EPL league I think, I don't mean to compare them in all as I'm a big Messi fan as it can be but but in some ...
I'm sure we can find some few players that won't dive like Messi for instance, the thing is Suarez is good and doesn't need to chat but he's getting use to
I think Suarez is a great and very skilled striker but he doesn't need this, by the way most players might but I have never seen Messi going down to get a PK, g...
I haven't been watching any highlights or games in the last 2 months following his injury but I started to watch some highlights 2 weeks ago and till now I wasn...
Didn't she injured when she lost to that player lol
I see this guy like the next Xavi except he lacks of the cuts passes in the middle but he has more defending skills than Xavi.
Thanks goodness we won, it'd been at least 30 years since we couldn't beat Ecuador in Lima-Peru, now I hope we take advantage of Colombia's injuries and off pla...
Ummm maybe but they all have at least 3 full competitive teams to play against other countries.
Chile is not even a strong team and never was even if they had in the past Zamorano or Salas, I think USA can become better and hopefully be on top in some year...
Messi struggling in CL lol, the only reason why Barca even made it to the semifinals is because of him dummy, you wish you had him on your crappy team haha.
Lol someone is confused a bit
5 years ago
Lol don't add alcohol to the wound
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