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4 years ago
Holy crap. Hats off to Wolves. Awesome game from Fabianski.
7 years ago
I was thinking for the longest time, "We have no speed on our wings. Even when we penetrate into their half, who has the ball usually gets dispossessed and burn...
8 years ago
27 fouls, 4 yellow cards and yet we're the ones to receive a straight red? I understand it can be difficult to make a split decision in the midst of action but ...
That man has scored off of so many freakin' free kicks. 7 minutes of bending and net, bending and net... I feel for England. I was looking forward to watchin...
50/50 or not you don't have to swing your leg as hard as you can to dink it past someone.
Milan should have done better in front of goal (their own and United's). A shame to see them lose; I was really pulling for 'em. Good luck at Old Trafford.
Such a disappointing loss for us. Cheers to Campbell for the goal, but next time don't give up so easily. Kick the ball away or something, damn.
Thank God he pulled that off after his past two games. I was worried about Babel pulling something like that out of his hat.
Arsenal's defense always seems to be lacking. Set pieces/headers constantly cause us to drop points/lose games entirely.
Arshavin doesn't want to pass the ball to Rosicky. See the Aston Villa game midweek and you'll understand why.
Over the past 5 years Arsenal in general hasn't been in good enough form to be playing this game. I'm officially against rooting for Arsenal anymore when it com...
Yep and I'm gauging him on the past few years performance as well. I can't simply disregard all the simple misses that Fat Frank has had just because he has hit...
I'm not a big fan of Lampard starting for England's midfield. He kind off seems like a hit or miss player that usually is a miss. Granted I haven't seen him in ...
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