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Seems like FC Barcelona has creativity and goal-scoring problems when Messi isn't at his best. With what is supposedly Barça's main attacking reference David V...
6 years ago
Nowadays, Benzema is quite a bit more determining than Ronaldo. Ronaldo did score yesterday against Granada, but it was Benzema who opened the can and essential...
Yeah man, I agree completely. I don't know what happens when we face Barça that we pee in our pantaloons every time. Di María couldn't get a single cross into...
"Santa Pérez! I want a Messi and a Xavi for Christmas!"
I don't know what happens with Real, that whenever they play against Barça, they get extremely nervous and absolutely nothing works. Ronaldo continues to not s...
I'm booooreeeed
Corruption... It's EVERYWHERE!
I think Lovelyeli hit the nail on the head there. I do think the EPL is better-managed, and I do think this makes it more competitive and thus a better league. ...
@Wetporridge I never implied Liga BBVA was the best league in the world. I was just questioning what the Englishmen love to preach so much. What consitutes a ...
I wonder what Yannick Noah and Bernard Hinault have to say about this :D
It's wonderful to see these youngsters play with so much confidence. Barcelona can be very proud of what they have achieved.
Manchester City and Manchester United out of the Champions League already! Who said the Premier was the best league in the world?
Easy. Calculate wind direction+speed, air humidity, and the Coriolis effect, and you've got your S-shaped shot. Seriously, I do not know how he did it.
@Champ119 one-star team? Go back to your couch and play some more FIFA 12, will you, yeah?
And Messi should have missed the Copa del Rey final last season with a yellow card he should have gotten after he kicked the ball into Santiago Bernabéu's publ...
Nice goal by Alexis! And yes, Barça fans, it was a good bounceback from that small slip against Getafe, but you're forgetting 3 things: 1. This is just Rayo; ...
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