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Buddy if your gonna send me a link, make sure I can click on it, otherwise I would be more than happy to take a look.
6 years ago
Wow barca has so many haters, from all sorts of clubs, from everywhere, so many elated people seeing barca get beaten. I take this as the highest form of flatte...
I was talking about this game
Attacking is a part of football to.
I agree, we need to sort out our defense !
Well to do that we would have to defend in numbers and let you attack, if we do that, and your doin that, who plays football.
Buddy I don't wear panties, lol, I think your a little confused around the whole gender thing.
I agree
You played football when ye had the ball, but you played a very similar game to chelsea, at least be honest about it. You where disciplined and more clinical th...
Em, stupid comment mate, us barca fans have enjoyed many years of domination, where blessed actually. Madrid deserved the win, it seems this what most football ...
I'm sometimes curious what it would be like if barca invited teams to attack, and defended in numbers, and tried to catch them on the break, can anyone imagine ...
You can't outplay a team, when your defending for most of the game, you need possession to outplay a team, madird didn't have much possession. They where more c...
Don't know why he didn't play pique, we nned his height in there.
Okay first off congrats to Madrid, you where very disciplined today. For anyone who said madrid outplayed barca is ridiculous, madrid played a very similar game...
Reading these comments are making me laugh, English supporters are just like the English media, they carried away, and then up looking ridiculous when they get ...
Okay I suppose if people feel that perking the bus for 90mins is good football, well then fair enough. For me personally I think it's a cowardly way to play foo...
Lol, chelsea only had 5 shots on goal, we had about 20.
At home for 90 mins, parking the bus, sure barca looked like the home team. I would call it desperation, not defending. And at the end of the day it's a 1 goal ...
No, don't see anything mad about that comment at all actually.
Ah Chelsea you played so s**t, throwing bodies in front of the ball for 90mins, some might call it a great defensive display, I would call it nothing really. Dr...
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