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Jaysetsfire69 thought the Bayer Leverkusen v Borussia Dortmund match was awesome
4 years ago
Jaysetsfire69 thought the Bayern München v Borussia Dortmund match was awesome
Jaysetsfire69 nominated H. Mkhitaryan (20') for Goal of the Week
Jaysetsfire69 thought the Bayern München v Manchester United match was good
Jaysetsfire69 nominated B. Schweinsteiger (67') for Goal of the Week
Jaysetsfire69 nominated S. Salihović (44') for Goal of the Week
Awesome goals by Polanski and Firmino, btw. GOTW !
No need for insults, GlennyBoy, although of course you're right about Neuer. He isn't exactly a monument to fair play, either. btw, Valdez was absolutely right ...
Luckily, that's true. If they were, it would mean you could just buy not only the EPL title but also the UCL title in, what, 2 or 3 years? Oh. Just realised PSG...
What they actually SHOULD abolish is the passive offside rule. It's been making things more complicated ever since it was implemented and I don't even see why i...
Erm. That City offside goal was no close call, it was a clear offside by the player who seemed passive but actually wasn't because he was right in front of the ...
OR the refs are just bad.
Ha. Great analogy on Robben. Although, to be fair, Arsenal players were pretty light footed on the whole, too
It wasn't a hard foul, but it was a foul nonetheless. Also, Arsenal players really liked falling easily throughout the whole game, too.
GotIbra, I think you got it right. Although I do believe, yes, Dortmund would also be a real challenge (with a fit squad).
Typical podolski goal. "oh, i got the ball. let's see... BAM!" Mr world goal keeper Neuer could have done a little more in trying to at least touch that ball, ...
No. they have enough quality players. they don't need to go out and spend millions, anyway.
Alaba being Austrian though... they're allowed to miss penalties ^^
There are always goals with Hoffenheim. Usually many. Also, watch out for Roberto Firmino and Kevin Volland!
Such an awesome goal by Aigner.
Shittiest red card ever, tbh.
Fährmann was awesome.
First goal against Bayern in 2014 in all competitions, right? and then it's an own goal. omg.
The opponent goalkeeper (i.e. fährmann) had a great game though. saved a lot of shots that really could or should have been goals!
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