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Hello jason, I just saw this comment from you: "you shouldn't worry about a faggot" We take slurs very seriously on footytube and if you use anymore it will l...
Don't bother with it, it is just a troll looking for attention
New chelsea fans and plastic fans wonder why we trust mou so much, this is one of the reasons
He isn't, he keeps pretending
Dude everyone knows you're fake, so save your time and stop pretending. you know, time is money kid.
Man U better watch, singing praises of that kid when they should focus on getting kagawa playing well, right it is the lack of quality that is making the kid st...
Dude why are you still pretending to be a chelsea fan. By now everyone knows you aren't one.
Just like how he makes juve cry
Hey, to answer your question, no I was not drunk and the season was 99/00 You can just google it up. Don't be mad for being a bit ignorant and please don't cal...
5 years ago
@steveex are you drunk? when did Barcelona beat Chelsea 5-1. maybe you mean 94 when guardiola team beat us 4-1 which is almost 20 years ago.Another youngster th...
You hit it twice so whats ur point...still looking for excuses dullard
6 years ago
Retards dont accept defeat
U know u r dumb
This guy doesnt have a life ..he has posted up to 20 times about the match...move on with ur life retard
But he did...most chelsea fans love him..and he is going to surpass his liverpool form
@puya...u know ur a dullard..u said hatred is childish yet you demonstrated by insulting madrid fans
You know ur are dumb , right
Right on point
I have already lost my voice...this is the best performance i have ever seen.....when torres first came on my friends were blasting him because he wasnt defendi...
We are still linked tho
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