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If you ask for yards, or when a referee is asking a player to move back, you are supposed to wait for the whistle. It is an automatic caution if you start play ...
I think hiddink will be a great choice. but i dont think they are even considering him. He is not someone whoz name has been taken in the media either. a top no...
6 years ago
I really dont know...for me the ideal candidate would be benitez. but i dont know what kind of a structure the americans are building at liverpool. he might jus...
Well he did make some mistakes an paid for it but i believe under a good management, he has all the right tools to succeed. but it looks like martinez is the ma...
That is exactly my point. I feel like i just want to talk to John Henry on the phone and plead him and tell him Rafa is the man for the job and he is right ther...
I really do not think Martinez is the ideal candidate for the job. We need someone who is proven at the top level and is able to handle pressure. Coming into a ...
Now that the sacking of Dalglish is confirmed, who do you think should be the next manager? It will certainly be hard to get a top quality manager as the pressu...
Somewhere on FootyTube
Fantastic read! thank you for sharingg it
For me its 1. Guardiola 2. Hiddink 3. Mourinho 4. Fergie 5. Arsene I'd put benitez in there for sure hands down, eyes closed but hez currently not ma...
Love! i hope people read this and many of the other sensible comments. man i wish i had a liverpool supporter near me who i could talk to! these manu supporters...
Absolutely LOVE your comment myfriend. it totally agree with every single word you have said. its is so easy to forget the hardships of the past few years. peop...
All im going to say to ur comment is... please.. no mourinho.
Yes it has been downhill for liverpool. i love arsenal and their setup and totally admire arsene. i think he is one of the best managers in the world. but w...
Great article. partly, the condemnation of liverpool has been by rival supporters as well. We have played fantastic this season and have created chances after c...
I think he was not bitching. it is time we look at criticism without looking at what team they support first.i think he agrees that you guys have the luck this ...
Somewhere on FootyTube
Exactly. thank you
Hoenstly. this has to be one of the MOST one sided article i have seen in my life. yes he was good. defensivly he was great and gave every inch of his body to t...
A dangerman is someone who poses a huge threat to the opposition goal. A great finisheer automatically becomes a dangerman because he can FINISH... which is the...
Its cuz the player on the groud was holding his own elbow because i think he hurt it on the way down.. and ramos was pulling him from that hand... so the manage...
Well chaos is right in the sense that ronaldo does take many shots and very few go in. but that should not take away from the quality of his strike. that was ...
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