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4 years ago
Yes, Tello is too predictable. The question is, can the good GK stop his finesse shots, or the defender cover his speed at all time? You try run Tello for 90 m...
5 years ago
Quantum, please learn more about barca system. i dont know how long u've been following them, but i've seen them play the same tactic and defense. Back then, th...
Get well soon Tito! They won this game for you!
Yea yea yea.. go play with Copa Del Rey..
I repeat again. EVERYONE!
Plan B? Nah.. This is Super Saiya Barcelona! For those who didn't recognize who Jordi Alba is, take a look the last goal!
Lincompoop: bla bla bla bla.. can your team do this?
Or Put 4 Defensive players on El Sharawy.. or Boateng. or Pazzini. Can they score?
You have to admit that Tiki-taka will always remembered in this world because since past 5 years: Tiki-taka: More than 12 trophies, 4 Balon d'or. Parking bu...
Then how come the 1st team beaten 5x in la liga? Or play the reserve against malaga. Then you'll be surprised. LOL
Are you saying Ramos's leg not blocking adriano's drive?
When Barca rule the world with tiki-taka attacking style, finally ultra defense+ husain bolt strategy discovered and succeed to defeat them.. Salute Barca for a...
Yea, messi overspeed the bus one time..
I remember i put one of this comment when we won 5-0 and yet they still saying they're the best..
Ghost0001: no wonder your name ghost. Are you saying this past 4 years u've been playing with turtle? Or maybe too much played with your 'bed snake'.. LMAO
You guys just made my day!
Pinto > Adan
Can anyone please tell me why Casillas benched?
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