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4 days ago
Nice one Atletico!
1 week ago
GO GO PATHETICO! Win it tonight!
^No. What should bother you is his lack of finishing. He has great positioning on the pitch and is very proactive in creating space.
2 weeks ago
High Laurie at his best! I don't understand how Barcelona players can touch the ball without shattering their legs. They go down like little Meissen figurines...
You remember who bought him? Ancelotti :)
Ya mann we can be frnz but not the rafs man.
3 weeks ago
No man no frnz.
What's this fuss about spanish players? Isco damn well fitted in the previous formation with or without Ozil. And he is skilled enough to be real playemaker. ...
The question is can we save the season? I'm skeptic. - CDR final against the team that has friends in high places dont think so... - wining CL... seems like a...
Good read. Thanks.
Decisions going against barca?
Well there is a reason Madrid has not been able to defeat a stronger opponent than Getafe this season. Carvajal can not close down Iniesta or Nemymar and with...
Carvajal was not able to close Iniesta and Neymar.
Who cares about the fixtures? Fixtures dont win titles. Friends in yellow do!
Mou. The team had a bigger flare and trust for victory under his guidance.
Noting new in El Classicos. Brilliant performance by the ref and Anceloti can not seems to learn from past mistakes.
And this is why i hate Benzema!
The hell is that? Bur in with fireeeee!
4 weeks ago
1 month ago
Janco nominated Cristiano Ronaldo (23') for Goal of the Week
With all the attacking players Mardirid has, it seems more likely that Benzema does not need a back up. So acquiring Mandzukic or anyone else makes sense only ...
One good season out of five and suddenly he's a hero?
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