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I feel really bad for pat, a great player but he has lost so many big finals with monaco, united, juve and now france. must be so heartbreaking for him
1 week ago
LMAO This is one of the best videos I've seen in a long time, there truly is one KING! http://video.eurosport.com/football/euro-2016/2016/there-can-only-be-one-...
2 weeks ago
Subotic anyone? rumors flowing around that he is being sold for 6-8 million, which i think is a great price for him, he is 27 so not old and he has some good de...
˄ oh yeah cuz he so deserves to be on the cover after the incredible year he has had for club and country :p
Yeah surely he cant do any worse than his predecessors, besides there are no british options right now that are better than him and if you look at it internatio...
3 weeks ago
Am i the only who thinks england should consider van gaal? i mean yeah it didnt work out too well for him here but he has been involved in english football for ...
If i was hodgson i would donate most of that 3.5 million a year that i got to a couple of worthwhile charities. absolute disgrace that he was the most payed man...
A lot of people seem to think that brexit will effect the status of many players in the pl and i just wanna say that isnt necessarily true it all depends on the...
4 weeks ago
Yeah that is false dont buy into it
1 month ago
Dafuq man!!! doesnt he know all those cameras are on him? and i can at least understand if youre itching way too hard and you just have to take care of it but f...
Its probably because he wants to use them there during his vacation, unless he is going back to the dutch league it would be stupid to ship them all the way to ...
I have played fifa every year since i was 7 so i have played all of them since fifa 97. the early years werent great but at least each installment pretty much i...
I feel like the "big announcement" from zlatan is just going to be about his business i doubt he will reveal what club he is joining on a facebook live event an...
@underrated im not trying to defend rooney here i do think coutinho has had a better season but what you wrote is factualy wrong and just simple misinformation ...
Lol that team looks like something i might go for in fifa 17 career mode. i also love this real madrid fan acting all high and mighty and talking s**t, didnt we...
These dominations i think are rotational in the 2000s england and italy dominated mostly and this decade it has been spain and germany so maybe the tides will t...
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