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Https://twitter.com/utdstreet/status/1062425953207500800 this is surprisingly accurate to how i react unfortunately
6 days ago
Sorry for reminding you dude
1 week ago
I knew it was going to be tough this season but never imagined 12 games in we would be 8th with a goal difference of -1
I would put that down more to luck as opposed to a mourinho masterclass, they did hit the bar and the post a couple of times and pjanic and cuadrado had a coupl...
Lol i love this steal of a win specially since ronaldo celebrated his goal, even after so many of our fans have kept on worshiping and blowing him nonstop even ...
FT has been done for a while now, its on its last legs, went from being potentially a facebook for football fans around the world to dead forums and dead featur...
2 weeks ago
We have pretty much been s**t for over 5 years now, i cant believe people still revel in it and find it refreshing, there must be so much hate in their hearts f...
Isnt that like one of taylor swifts first songs, from when she was a teenager, so you find teenagers sexy ethisham :p
3 weeks ago
Its going to be very hard breaking into the top 5 let alone top 4 or top 3 our rivals are on great form
4 weeks ago
Lol wtf
1 month ago
In the next 2 months we will play liverpool, valencia, arsenal, juventus twice, man city and chelsea. and we have got some tricky games like the one against eve...
His country is committing a genocide in yemen as we speak, the reporter as bad as it was still isnt as bad as blowing up a bus full of school children which the...
To be fair we are all in very tough groups maybe city a little less than others but all of our groups are pretty rough overall so we cant expect any of the 4 to...
I dont think sir alex ferguson gets enough blame for his role in the state that the club is today, post ronaldo he did a very poor job in setting the club up fo...
Other than the manager we need a massive overhaul of the players too we have so many deadweight players, some that have been with us for years and not pulled th...
Definitely mou, there are plenty of top managers out there that could replace him(zidane, simeone, allegri, pochettino, anceloti etc.) but not many players wh...
We have been so s**t for the last 5 years, couple of bright moments like winning the fa cup and europa league but nothing to be very excited about and those dro...
I think we all need to mentally prepare ourselves for liverpool winning the league, it is very much a possibility and imo a probability, this actually could fin...
2 months ago
Holy s**t possebon, i read up to see what happened to him cuz i was like wtf i heard of players going to china and india but never vietnam and i found out that ...
Yeah im not sure about zidane either but to be fair i said the same things about pep and how his squad at barca was the reason for his success but then he prove...
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