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Its not cheating, think of it as a tactical foul, like if your opponent is about make a break on the counter and you bring down a player to stop them from going...
4 days ago
Yeah i dont have a big problem with his handball at the WC, i would do the same for my country. he didnt cheat or lie, sure it may have been unsportsmanlike but...
In case you dont know what im referring to rivaldo: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OiW0IPrv1Ro busquets: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BXISkmGoizw and now p...
I have a special hatred for players who do what pepe did, absolutely disgraceful. busquets and rivaldo also come to mind, i will not under any circumstance defe...
Was watching the post match analysis of the england game and one pundit said england will do good because they finally have a good striker and kane is the best ...
6 days ago
Either these 3 bale, jorginho, gimenez or these 3 ronaldo, saul, langlet lets go full fifa career mode
1 week ago
IF they actualy do sign neymar bale is definitely a gonner
3 weeks ago
If they replace the likes of henderson, milner and can with likes of fabinho, keita and fekir which seems like they are going to be doing and also get a top g...
Does anyone actually think they are leaving or is it gonna be another case of bale and ronaldo using our name(or psg) to get an improved contract out of r.madri...
4 weeks ago
“You’ll never walk alone” ive seen so many liverpool fans forget their motto tonight
Icardi and belloti are gonna cost like 100 mil each and they are not going to go to a club to be a backup, we would have to go for someone older who is still e...
I know people say this is our best season in a long time and if you look at the table its hard to argue but honestly for me its been a very shitty season. from...
1 month ago
I honestly think their squad is better than ours and more balanced, i think ours has more depth though. but in terms of starting 11, they definitely have better...
I dont have time to watch la liga that often anymore but every now and then i hear some people say simeone is a younger version of mourinho. Is this true or are...
Lol came so close to an unbeaten season, held off madrid to a draw with 10 men last week only to lose to the 16th placed team a week later thats gotta hurt, but...
You are totally correct, but do you have to be such a douche about it?
Not impossible but very unlikely, shouldve beaten huddersfield and you would have had a considerably better chance now only way for it to happen would be for ...
And that is why im not convinced real will take care of liverpool in the final, they struggled against a 10 man barca in fact they almost lost, this team is not...
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