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Yes perisic + fabinho/dier and we should be good to go, although i dont think we will get any annoucements while the tour is still going on
2 days ago
Congrats to romero for signing till 2021, We got the best gk in the league in de gea and the best back up gk in romero.
5 days ago
I hope you guys are not forgetting how much trouble we had scoring goals last season, replacing rooney and zlatan with lukaku and adding a cb is not going to ma...
6 days ago
Ok i remembered that incorrectly i thought i read somewhere he was valued at 45 mil, but my point still stands i said a cheaper striker so if not belotti then s...
1 week ago
I know not everyone will agree but personally, i would much rather have seen us sign james and costa whose combined cost would have been less than lukaku and th...
While im very happy with the lukaku signing, i would be really pissed if we dont sign anyone else cuz we havent improved on last seasons squad at this point, we...
Nah if history has thought me anything its that he is either gonna join bayern or get an improved contract
1 month ago
I dont think ive seen anybody mention icardi here but ive been watching some inter games in the last couple of seasons and he is a total beast he is only 24 but...
Apparently 40 something year old scholes had a better game than 30 year old rooney
I wish i shared some of the optimism that you guys have in regards to ddg staying, hopefully you guys are right and im wrong.
I know its all speculation at this point but i got a strong feeling ddg is going to finally leave and honestly i cant blame him, i think it makes total sense fo...
Hey guys i know most of you are busy celebrating but im sorry i Have to go off topic and ask for a little favor, you see im trying to cook spaghetti for dinner ...
Horrible scenes in manchester tonight, apparently dozens of deaths and injuries. RIP to those who lost their lives.
2 months ago
So thats it then officialy confirmed 6th it is. It was always going to be 6th it felt like a true love story between us this season, we were together for so lon...
We would gladly take him back if you guys dont want him anymore, he is one of the best cbs in the world and he has at least another 3 to 5 years left in him at ...
3 months ago
Honestly i would take winning the europa league and finishing 10th as long as we win that i dont care where in the league we finish
I just dont want to see real or barca win the cl this year i prefer to see other teams get a shot if that means tears then sure ill cry you a river. and btw are...
I wish barca and real would just piss off this year, very tired of seeing them win the CL i really hope atleti or juve win it this time
Holy s**t!!! im sure many of you were already aware of this but i just realized that 4 of our 8 remaining games are against chelsea, spurs, arsenal and city, an...
Its from a serious interview you can see it up top its among the videos, and yes it seems like jose doesnt rate shaw which is very disappointing i had and still...
4 months ago
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Jamesutd thought the Atlético Madrid v Real Madrid match was awesome
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