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That guys' name is Pedro Pablo Matesanz he works for athletico madrid. from metro:"Given that Matesanz works for Atletico and not UEFA, it is unlikely that Sime...
12 hours ago
Lol mark schwarzer has won back to back premier league titles with two different teams while making a contribution of absolutely 0 games to either team in both ...
1 day ago
Blackburn was different they had been finishing in the top 4 for a couple of years prior to winning they finished second the season before, so it was nowhere as...
Yeah i think to be fair to him he has had two very different teams to play in his two years we cant solely blame him for falcao and di maria flopping we were al...
6 days ago
This has probably been discussed here before but i missed it so i would love it if you guys could chime in with your opinions. so the question is if LVG someho...
@QuintesstialG has he got to be strong and does he have to be fast and has he gotta be fresh from a fight?
1 week ago
Honestly this was our best chance to win the fa cup which we havent won in such a long time. had we gotten past west ham, no other teams from the top half of th...
1 month ago
Well nani used to be quite amazing for us im sure the nani of 2010-2012 was still in there somewhere and having him around could have offered us something diffe...
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Ok chicharito i understand(wanted guaranteed playing time) and di maria(he be a rodent) but why did we have to sell nani, rvp and rafael? surely in a time like ...
2 months ago
I read this on the net: "The team that beat Manchester United tonight had not played for 2 months and have won once in their last 10 games. An absolute damning...
I sincerely hope either leicester or spurs win the league,really dont wanna see arsenal do it
@arse204 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6S99Rw0-msA
What if he turns out to be the new bebe
8 months ago
I think with memphis and adnan we have potentially two of the best young talents in the world, i can see a few years down the line when messi and ronaldo are no...
Thank you all for the kind messages, knowing people even if its in a small community like our footytube would give whatever support they can really means alot, ...
This is totally off topic, but i just wanted to share this with my fellow footytubers. two days ago i had the worst night of my life my dad suffered from a stro...
Jamesutd thought the Atlético Madrid v Real Madrid match was awesome
1 year ago
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