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You guys seen the zlatan interview up top? i dont know what you guys make of what he is saying but to me it sounds like he isnt 100% ruling out a move
1 week ago
Apparently he was misquoted or something https://twitter.com/HeisenbergMUFC/status/623938628402683904
@standardcritic1 No.7: "Italians are good lovers" well well i didnt think bastian and darmian would become so close so soon
Can someone who is familiar with the homegrown player rule explain this to me? from what i understand we need to have at least 8 homegrown players in our 25 man...
2 weeks ago
Jamesutd updated his profile
Im hopping on the Lord Eddard Woodward bandwagon too, just changed my DP
There is a lfc guy on their forum saying he prefers allen and milner over schweinsteiger lmao those are the kind of lies lfc fans have to tell themselves in or...
3 weeks ago
I know a lot of you guys here are not the biggest nani fans but i just wanted to say, for me and im sure some others out there, he will always be remembered ver...
On the one hand im happy they signed him instead of one of our rivals signing him, on the other hand barca have no need for him he is not gonna break into the t...
They have had a great transfer season so far
1 month ago
I still think they are using united's name to get a better contract for ramos, this transfer doesnt make sense to me at least not with the previously suggested ...
Factual, you cannot argue with that
Im conflicted on this, on the one hand i wanna root for the underdogs and also i would like to see evra win it again and be happy, ON the hand i also dont wanna...
2 months ago
I think this barca is even better than the pep era barca, attack is just as good if not better and defense definitely better, some people call that team the b...
Give it up guys he is leaving, if he wanted to stay he would have signed by now
There is difference between this united and the one who let moura slip out of our hands and join psg
Https://vine.co/v/eZgEidTX5dZ dafuq pat!
I gave up on him signing that extension long time ago if he wanted to sign he would have by now, and honestly you can call me bitter if you want but i dont wis...
3 months ago
Shiwa so you think anything skysports says will happen? no of course not dont get your hopes up my friend http://www1.skysports.com/football/news/11865/6800234...
I wont celebrate any transfers until i see them in a united shirt, ive been hurt way too many times over the years: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/sport/football/a...
I can appreciate their style of play, they are trying to make sure they take a clean s**t to the bernabeu, to be fair to them they did beat real 4-0 on their la...
Jamesutd thought the Atlético Madrid v Real Madrid match was awesome
5 months ago
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