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These dominations i think are rotational in the 2000s england and italy dominated mostly and this decade it has been spain and germany so maybe the tides will t...
My buddy who supports chelsea just sent me this video on facebook https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xBXX61GrdCo am i the only one who feels awkward about all this...
2 days ago
Jag>chevy facts
5 days ago
I thought it was confirmed that jorge mendes leaked the information http://thepeoplesperson.com/2016/05/22/jose-mourinho-leak-jorge-mendes-150359/ unless you a...
6 days ago
If you really wanna know you can watch this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v4tS-6yAeeA its a little old but most the information is still accurate you can f...
1 week ago
So much lol https://twitter.com/PeoplesPerson_/status/733027732053970945?ref_src=twsrc%5Etfw
well done sevilla indeed! i had doubts about their capability to beat liverpool but they proved me completely wrong also fa cup is the oldest football competit...
Not gonna lie i came home, saw the result, and i burst out laughing couldnt help myself. the people on their forum were so hopeful and confident before lmao, ho...
I dont like to be a debbie downer but i dont think we were going to get 4th place anyway cuz i dont believe arsenal can go to city and win while at the same tim...
3 weeks ago
i never said no one should post, its just that when i post on the man utd forum i generally expect to have a back and forth with my fellow united fans not with...
His "points" are s**t though, he pretty much pulled the dirty italians and diving spaniards out of his i dont know where, he is straight up lying SAF never said...
Nobody said it was the exact same, geez should i expect 5 more barca fans to lurk out and try to change the subject of my post whilst being condescending. Its j...
@franky4fingers thats why i put tiki taka in the quotes, i know this bayern isnt exactly the same as the barca team who played tiki taka but im referring to the...
Why is it that every time one of these "tiki taka" teams get beat, they throw a hissy fit and show no respect to their opponents who have bested them, in some c...
That guys' name is Pedro Pablo Matesanz he works for athletico madrid. from metro:"Given that Matesanz works for Atletico and not UEFA, it is unlikely that Sime...
Lol mark schwarzer has won back to back premier league titles with two different teams while making a contribution of absolutely 0 games to either team in both ...
Blackburn was different they had been finishing in the top 4 for a couple of years prior to winning they finished second the season before, so it was nowhere as...
Yeah i think to be fair to him he has had two very different teams to play in his two years we cant solely blame him for falcao and di maria flopping we were al...
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