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We would gladly take him back if you guys dont want him anymore, he is one of the best cbs in the world and he has at least another 3 to 5 years left in him at ...
1 day ago
Honestly i would take winning the europa league and finishing 10th as long as we win that i dont care where in the league we finish
4 days ago
I just dont want to see real or barca win the cl this year i prefer to see other teams get a shot if that means tears then sure ill cry you a river. and btw are...
1 week ago
I wish barca and real would just piss off this year, very tired of seeing them win the CL i really hope atleti or juve win it this time
Holy s**t!!! im sure many of you were already aware of this but i just realized that 4 of our 8 remaining games are against chelsea, spurs, arsenal and city, an...
Its from a serious interview you can see it up top its among the videos, and yes it seems like jose doesnt rate shaw which is very disappointing i had and still...
1 month ago
"I criticized your grammar after I had said everything I wanted to say" so what you wanted to say was a paragraph of calling me a child and another one giving u...
3 months ago
Lol classic, calling me a child and criticizing the grammar when left with not much else to say. and i wasnt even directing anything at you personally that was...
Also am i the only one who finds this gary neville defending jones thing to be incorrect, in the commentary he is definitely sympathizing with west ham he says ...
Yeah those arrogant pricks, I heard they said they are hopeful that their team can finish in the top 4 and they also brought up the fact that Spurs messed up th...
I think it is very wrong to boo your own player even after they have made a big mistake like felaini had done, i felt really bad that people booed him when he w...
4 months ago
My dear friend if you hate mourinho and manchester united more than you hate spurs you dont get to call yourself a true arsenal fan. just sayin
I think maybe valdes came here thinking ddg was headed back to spain therefore he would take up that number one spot but obviously it didnt turn out that way. a...
With every week that passes liverpool look more and more like very serious title contenders and seeing how we wont be there to challenge them for it this season...
5 months ago
Lol its not like it JUST started, this has been going on for a long time now so you cant blame it on the signings or mourinho sure it doesnt help but united hav...
6 months ago
I always thought of footytube as more than just a highlight website with things like forums, every team having its own interactive page, dreamfooty, the abilit...
I remember the older days(2011-2013) when footytube was at the height of its popularity, a time when the website used to crash everytime a big team was playing ...
I agree the injuries are way too frequent, i appreciate the push to make the game more realistic every year but i hate it when they do it at the expense of fun,...
I know who is to blame its the Brazilian Ronaldo ever since 2013 when he said he hopes we never win again we have been awful so nothing is gonna change unless h...
7 months ago
I dont think mourinhos pride will let him bring in bastian
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