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Http://www.soccer-blogger.com/2013/09/22/arsenal-vs-stoke-city-3-1-highlights-2013-ramsey-cameron-mertesacker-sagna-goals-video/ there's a HD 10 min highlight ...
5 years ago
Giroud misses too many chances, even almost simple goals sometimes. Its sad carlos vela never got a chance at arsenal. And whys arshavin is completely left out....
I agree that ramsey isnt good enough for arsenal. As people said ramsey has been playing good. Okay, well is his playing good , good enough for arsenal to win g...
Wilshere def was not at his best today, hopefully he ll be back in form soon. I still dont think ramsey was good today. cause the team itself was playing pretty...
I m surprised arsenal have so many awesome votes. I am happy we won but honestly if people watched the overall game, Arsenal were pretty poor. Played well only ...
Go read the rule book ?? u r kidding ? if you really go that route, according to the rules free kicks are supposed to be taken where fouls are committed. Throw...
I just do not get why wenger plays ramsey. i used to support him after that horrible injury. but missing chance after chance game after game. and the work rate...
6 years ago
Why does djourou play ?? why why why????? i have never seen him not efff up. my god. this guy should never ever play football , not for any team on this planet....
No ones the bigger person or right here . think evra was just as much refusing to shake hands as suarez was. Also, evra grabbed and stopped suarez from shaking ...
Well go on and view some of the videos once more. it clearly looked to me like evra was not ready for the handshake. and when suarez was shaking da gea's hands....
Howard webb saves the day for united ?? AGAIN !!
Good thing the ref was a united ref
One of the best derbies in recent years ???? r u kidding ??? the game was handed to man cheaters n yet city almost drew them.
Thats exactly wat i think. thats how gaychesters do it man !!!
I dont think he was even close to doing any harm to nani !!!
Shut up. if that really was the case we d seeing a lot more red cards !!!!
A good 12 vs 10 game. united barely won. its a shame
Arshavin was hopeless. why d wenger even bring him on ??? wenger needs to bring in another striker. gervinho's ok but needs to work on his finishing !!!
Well glichy made that stupid tackle, and lescott gave the penalty away. but except that chelsea werent looking too dangerous at all. was a pretty boring game ....
Well i wouldnt say lucky. i guess they deserved the win. but neither teams were playin good. it was a pretty boring game
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