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Eto goal wasn't offside, his body was offside, but his foot aren't.
7 years ago
Wow valencias played a really great football...
Class? Class is when we always beat Madrid in Champions league, Class is where we came back from Serie B BITCH!
How the f**k is he underrated? he is popular and he has been in real madrid. so i dont think he is underrated, everybody knows he is dangerous.
It's better than vidic, f*****g man utd is trash s**t, and f**k it is good, the goal is good hit a volley from 25 meters cross with his left food from the left ...
Because Loyalty is Golden.
No look pass are stupid, because u looked .5 sec before u kick it rofl.
Gotta love the Hands up "i didnt touch him", absolutely stupid.
Own goal lol
What kind goalkeeping is that lol
Lol u come to an arsenal page and start talking s**t rofl. u puta madre pendejo s**t
Umm is eto goal was better than the second goal of giacherrini? stop being bias guys cmon.
Both goals came from ex JUVE LOL
Stop being bias hes shudve been red carded on the first tackle
You mean patos? hes the one who came up with it
United is poretty boring this season
Gotta love the last goal by elmander
Netherland vs portugal, 11 yellow, 4 red cards...
Just because that you said this one guy decided to ruin it hahhaa
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