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Unless u win a world cup u cant be a legend? there are many players who' had nvr won it n yet they're still known as legends. eg, bergkamp, laudrup, le tissier ...
4 years ago
I usually find wcq or playoffs boring but this 2 legs have been an exception. 2 great sides giving all theyve got n playing exciting football. the 2nd half of t...
I tot nani was sh1t as he's always been.. moutinho was absolute class tho
If u think ppl are saying he's the best just cos of this 1 match, then u obviously havent been following football this past year.
The recent match between rm vs juve, cr once again saved real.. juve was the better team but was held back , largely thanks to cristiano's brilliance to keep em...
Cristiano only start to excel last month? wow ? have u even been following football? week in week out him n messi were exchanging headlines.. trophies won are a...
Gerard the legend.. tho i cant see england winning sh1t as long as welbeck is on the lineup.. the rest of the squad, tho some isnt really top class quality, we ...
ItsBergkamp nominated M. Özil (90') for Goal of the Week
1) spurs were boasting abt how deep their squad is, so the too little rest excuse is invalid. 2) absolutely 3)few lucky breaks? only 2nd goal was lucky, 1st goa...
So wat if he cried? he's passionate for football n if players really love the game, they'd take every single match srsly n play with all their heart.. its good ...
Reliable pair of hands from both sides
In terms of reliability, yes. in terms of class n skillset, worlds apart.. rvn one of the best poacher in the game, rvp currently one of the most technically-gi...
Absolute rubbish.. a huge part of it thanks to gervinho
5 years ago
1st half its all mignolet, 2nd half belongs to sczesny.. for the first time in a long time we were lucky not to have conceded a goal against an opponesnt who pr...
Says the chelsea fan.. rembr last season CL?
Such a cruel score esp for begovic who have been fantastic.. but chelsea still deserve the win.. 4-0 is a story of hazard's screamer n walter's misfortunes..
Cmon gooners, we're better than that.. man city were great , no need to vote them rubbish .. then again half of the votes are probably from man u fans
I voted great for mancity, pitiful to the arsenal..
Do u even know how much manc bought aguero for? -.-
Haha i guess we all love to troll
Nt just a tie.. u guys can win any match when at ur best
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