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Itaintrite wrote in Somewhere on FootyTube
It's Mourinho. And one precious away goal. Don't rule Chelsea out yet. They can definitely score 2 goals at Stamford Bridge. The problem is containing PSG's off...
Get ready for Champions' League nights at Anfield, kid.
Title is firmly in Liverpool's hands. If they win all their remaining matches, it will be number 19 and the first PL. Let's go Reds!
Let's aim for that CL spot!
Man, that Suarez shot would've been goal of the week/month/season challenger.
The video transition is rather.. funny.
Moses was injured, no?
Somewhere on FootyTube
Let's wait till the fresh coach smell wears off. Then we'll talk.
This season's Spurs is truly Villas-Boas'. Mourinho inherited a great squad but still not his team. I predict a win for Spurs.
Steven Gerrard. Still the best player England has.
Somewhere on FootyTube
Carrick instead of Lampard so Gerrard can push up more.
Suarez needs to win back the fans and respect of teammates. This is a good decision by Rodgers. Just hope it doesn't backfire.
Itaintrite thought the Arsenal v Tottenham Hotspur match was average
Carzola is brilliant, but sorry, no chance of breaking into Spain's squad.
Somewhere on FootyTube
"If you ask me in pure terms, rule by rule, yes it was a second yellow card." Enough said.
Wasn't nothing for Nike whose cleats he was wearing ;P
Rodgers really know how to bring out the best in players. The Henderson we've been seeing and the Downing of last season were a far cry from their first season....
This is an illegal penalty kick by international rules. You can feint while running up to the ball, but you can't feint a kick.
Miranda's goal was an amazing header. Keeper had no freaking chance.
Two goals? Pfft, Torres sucks.
5 years ago
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