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So I just watched some highlights, and although I have no idea what the game was like for 90 minutes... 1. Eriksen. Since he's been on the pitch, we've played b...
20 hours ago
It's not sealed yet, but they've been so ruthless I'd be shocked if anything else happened.
21 hours ago
I have absolutely no idea what our back line will look like come next season. I very much so hope we keep Verts and sign a new LB. Also, remember how everyone ...
Sandro has been keeping twitter up to date with his fitness all season. He may have been a little snarky with his comment, but that's up to interpretation given...
Lol. Mags just HAD to go there :D For the most part I agree with everything you got there, except I'd say that Sherwood has at least gotten the lads to make mor...
5 days ago
That's just Eriksen- TS is just trying to keep the ruse alive (lol). But seriously, why would we possibly want to keep Tim? Please explain as I don't understan...
6 days ago
There are plenty of other managers better than TS who we could feasibly bring in. De Boer or Pochettino, or even Martinez (if he fancies a team with a higher ce...
Many of us were excited about AVB at first (myself included), because he had the promise of unfulfilled potential. He looked to be the opposite of Harry- a youn...
Sherwood has lots of passion, but that's about it. He just doesn't have the tactical nous or man managing skills to be in the top flight. He'd be an excellent ...
It was a pretty half assed job of cheering me up, guys. Your squad really needs to sort out its priorities.
1 week ago
Well, at least Arsenal is trying to make me feel better.
We may be due a couple of purchases this summer - LB, hot young striker, CB - but not much else. SRSLY LEVY.
Sherwood won't be around next season. That's everything but official.
I'm always working during these weekday games and its hard enough to sneak peaks at a live stream, let alone chat with you fellas :D Thankfully, finally an emp...
Tim had great numbers at first that coincided with Ade's crazy* goalscoring form. With another season you'd see us finishing mid table. *crazy meaning scoring ...
Everton may not want to splash all their cl money on one player- they are a pretty thin squad as is. But if they were, Lukaku would probably be that player. A...
It would make it harder for us to buy Lukaku :( (because thats definitely happening :D :/ :( )
C'mon he's like 15.
2 weeks ago
Honestly though, who's his competition? Despite liverpool insanity Glen J still isn't that great. *cue Liverpool fans.
3 weeks ago
1 month ago
2 months ago
3 months ago
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