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I think Harry Kane is very good and certainly the best striker we've got. Is he the next Klinsmann? I don't know. The english media (as always) has gotten compl...
1 week ago
I understand why you want Dembele to get a run out in midfield, but I still disagree that he's the answer there. With the current squad, our best 11 for team pe...
I wouldn't be surprised if we picked up someone like Ings - young, fast, and versatile. I agree, we need a new 1st teamer for CM ala Schneiderlin, but I don't k...
2 weeks ago
I get why you want Dembele in the pivot, but he hasn't been good there for a while. I know you don't rate Mason, but the three of Mason/Bents/Dembele(advanced) ...
3 weeks ago
Harry Kane, Hugo Lloris. Christian Eriksen. (It's pretty somber in here and I thought you all could use a few kind, uplifting words.)
1 month ago
Lloris for Bale? My poor heart is being pulled in so many directions at once...
Agreed on all counts. Really hoping Yedlin is someone who can push/compete with Walker!
Agreed on all points, North. I've been really impressed with Dier in this run of games and I think he'll only get better, but Fazio could have dealt with the ae...
I saw the highlights of the game (basically Soldado's miss and the 2 goals), so take my opinion with a grain of salt. Bobby - Another high profile miss. Clear...
We've got Vlad and Yedlin for RB, and both should be registered in both just seems unlikely that we'll use them. But who knows?
I still have no idea what this comment is supposed to mean. How much FOR Harry Kane? How ABOUT that Harry Kane? But yes, he's a pretty good footballer, that Hu...
He Kane in like a wrecking ball :D
2 months ago
Rose is definitely quicker than Davies. I think he just had a brain fart and Welbeck left him for dead. I would not be surprised to see this line up, with Chad...
Lol, Rogue. I've heard Moreno has had problems coming back from his leg break - we may be signing Winston Reid in the summer on a free, so we may not update c...
Interesting, although I feel like you're leaving Davies exposed by playing Lennon AND Townsend on the right :D I'd make a couple changes, guessing on how Poche ...
That linesman was making horrible calls all game. This is really his crowning achievement, however.
3 months ago
Yup. It was definitely a moment of sentiment, seeing him back in the epl.
This is a familiar sight! The good ol' Mags essay :D I think your ratings are very fair (even if they stay on the harsher side), but I think there's one thing ...
Soldado missed that sitter but also had 2 excellent assists. His attacking play is fantastic (passing, link up, runs off the ball), he just can't finish at Tott...
If someone will take Ade's wages off our hands we should throw a parade.
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