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I have a hard time blaming MoSchno for being upset, after the chairman/manager/half of his team are allowed to leave that he's told he must stay, when a more am...
5 hours ago
You know, I'm actually much more excited by Morgan that J-Rod. I know we have a full midfield, but if we look at individual performances last year, who actually...
8 hours ago
Tweeted from @SchneiderlinMo4 (Morgan Schneiderlin's official Twitter): "6 years of an amazing journey #saintsfc DESTROYED in 1 hour !!!" Wow. Sounds like he'...
11 hours ago
We'll see what happens. I honestly can't believe we're in for J-Rod, but I'd take Morgan in a heartbeat. But, still, can we have a new CB? Pretty plz? :D
All that being said, if Pauly is going to be in the squad I hope he starts to contribute. Whatever the circumstances, he's been amiss so far in my eyes.
Lolz. You're right- I forgot about his cup runs in the fall :D
Lol. I think we've hit an impasse. Yes, I do rate Chadli more than Townsend. No, I don't think he's a shoe-in for the first team. Yes, he is a LW in addition t...
1 day ago
This is an odd bit of business, but I like what MoPo has been doing. He must have plans to dismiss a flock of our CM's...there's just no way we can support all ...
Andros is 23. This is the age when a winger should be starting to hit their peak and showing what they can do as opposed to their 'potential.' Maybe I'm too har...
Naughty may want to be more than a bsck uo and I don't blame him. Looking at the links to Lopes, they don't seem super credible- agent generated noise.
Chadli gets involved with team play, makes decent link up passing, has a physical presence and gets back to defend. Townsend loses possession 9 times out of ten...
Soldado looked fantastic. I only the first 2 games, but I didn't see anything different from Lennon than he's given for the past few years - lots of speed and v...
Yeah I can't understand the J-Rod purchase - who knows what he'll be like during/after recovery. Also, I'm not convinced he's an upgrade on Chadli (although he'...
I don't understand the buzz around Remy. He's got good pace and is a decent finisher, but his personality comes off as horrible. Total downer for a team. I dunn...
As far as players coming in to their own, keep an eye on Kane, Holtby, Soldado...I expect Capoue to play a big part, and I sincerely hope Verts and Kaboom form ...
5 days ago
For whatever reason, this site is exceptionally and constantly buggy. If it weren't for you chaps I wouldn't bother :D
1 week ago
Lol. Just as we were having this convo the site crashed. GET IT TOGETHER FOOTY!
Is it really that crazy to think Hugo could be around for the duration? Barca / RM / Bayern / PSG are set for keepers, and I can't Levy allowing him to go to an...
Poch is being quoted that we've been needing a "Bale Replacement" - someone to come in from the left and score goals. I get the feeling he really wants a much m...
Yeah, I like them for the size of the fan base and amount of articles per day. With that many followers on the site and writers on staff, they get news more qui...
3 months ago
4 months ago
5 months ago
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7 months ago
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