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1 hour ago
All of the expected top teams dropped points this weekend. I didn't see the game, but it sounds like it was a pretty woeful display. Glad I didn't wake up early...
He's just...not very good. I'm very positive about and patient with all of our younger players, and try to give them the benefit of the doubt...but Townsend do...
4 days ago
Oh you mean Townsend is playing.
Well predicted, lads! Sorry I haven't chipped in, been hustling and bustling lately. Glad to see excellent rotation, Kane getting a start, Davies and Bentaleb ...
Sad to see Sandro gone, worse to hear he's already injured. Was it serious?
1 week ago
Competition and meritocracy can only make our players stronger (See: Rose, Danny).
Lol Paddy, our posts are nearly identical. Tottenham Hivemind.
@Wingson: lol. Kneejerk response is #kneejerk. Aside from this poor 10 minute sub performance, Kane has been in excellent form and looked good in Poch's system...
This looks about right, although I'm doubtful Kane will get the start (although I agree that he deserves it). Let's get pumped for match day! Anyone have a tin...
I think we'll see Fazio starting in the Europa league and he'll have to earn his start. I'd rather start Kane or Soldado but you may be right about Ade. I have...
Lol. I've taken a break so things could cool off around here. So what has everyone done to weather the pain of international break?
2 weeks ago
If you want some players with heart, look no further than Lamela, Dier, Soldado, Walker, Chadli, Bentaleb... I totally understand, I started watching Tottenham...
This seems a little hyperbolic kneejerk, but I understand being sad and frustrated at saying goodbye to Sandro and Holtby. The sad fact, however, is that neithe...
Sandro hasn't been in the team for over a year. DM is hardly what's holding our team back - if anything it's our goalscorers' finding form.
Lol what? We're Tottenham Hotspur, dood. Everyone knows us ;D
So far in transfers.. Holtby on loan to Hamberg Zeki to palace for 4m Sandro to qpr for 10m (bp) In the works... Welbeck move looks all but dead (for everyone...
3 weeks ago
I'm with Paddy. I think Davies will have his chance, but Rose wasn't the issue. Pool were rough and physical today, we could have used Moose in for Bentaleb. Ad...
Soft penalty was still a penalty, but soft. Allen went down like he was hit by a sniper, but won his team a penalty - and boy did we lose momentum after. Ade sh...
Easy, fellas.
5 months ago
6 months ago
7 months ago
8 months ago
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