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Egypt winning 3 in a row, even tho i like them let some1 else when for petes sake!!, roscommon town, france and england, wayne rooney, joe cole, theirry henry, negative teams, breaks in champions league, slovenia ( russia shud be at world cup) , training, players who cant use both feet, football salaries, dives, ponces
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@iROSSONERI......Messi is the best player in the world without a doubt and is'nt that what the champions league is for?, to compare teams from around europe?? I...
6 years ago
Group predictions and predicted points. Group A Group B Group C Group D 1)Czech rep(7) 1)Germany(7) 1)Spain(7) 1)E...
He's a shadow of his former self at madrid... nothing dat a bit of red an' black wouldnt solve!!!
Taiwo is a good swashbucking left back, exactly what milan need. mbia i think we could hold off, i think mexes is arriving on a bosman?? and if so he would make...
Plan A shud be the return of Kaka!! its shamefull to see him play like he did last night for madrid..That most likely wont happen so i hope ganso comes, i think...
I agree with zian6, milan, although italien champions still need a few players to let them compete at the highest level again, is ther a big summer signing bein...
Spain are a extremly boring team!! i remember watching them in world cup 2006 and they were reali exciting...wat happened..dis has been a bad world cup and germ...
7 years ago
For somebody who looked useless for bayern munich in champions league yes he is awesome! ive neva seen such a turnaround
This is a football game??
Wat are u talking about? im neither english, american or jewish but 'u jew loving losers'??? wat does that hav to do with anything.....
This 'blessing in disguise ' supposedly happened when they didnt qualify for the last euros!
The worst game of the tournament so far and there have benn a few bad 1s!!!
I always knew that dis wud be an interesting group, however thats more down to the fact that all teams except s africa played badly today! france speaks 4 itsel...
I thought it was a fairly interesting game, more so then the mexico s africa one..france showed slight signs of improvement and i have always been intriqued by ...
Well im irish and i think they DO deserve to be at S. Africa 2010. at the end of the day we didnt take the chances that we got in the game and that would have w...
1: brazil, 2: argentina 3: spain 4 : usa brazil beat usa in semi while aregentina beat spain in other semi.
Id say france! prob come second in their group then be beat in last 16, italy on the other hand i think wont win it, but theyll be a benchmark for the best. jus...
I always think its a good idea to put a 5er on that team that you really hate, so if they win you win and if they lose you win again!
Id say 1: serbia ( last 16, come second in group but will give USA a excellent match in second round before ultimately losing, yes USA will top group C on goal...
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