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@Ravensd : Dude don't bother ... He's one of the million 'so called' united supporters who don't know s**t about the game or the league
6 years ago
@Mongol99: As if ronaldo performed for portugal in the f*****g world cup !! .. I remember after they were eliminated all the portugal fans were like f**k ronald...
^Mascherano clearly dived you ... He fell as if ronaldo pulled his legs or something ... He knew that higuain was gonna beat him to the ball so he dived .. That...
IF you want them to finish so badly ahead of chelsea i'm sure you wouldn't mind united losing to arsenal next week :)
7 years ago
^even messi was out for a few games because of an injury -_- ... He has tice the number of assists and one goal more ... If results matter then messi is for sur...
@Persebaya United fans shouldn't talk like dicks .. Half of them dont even know the captain of their side -_- though at the same time your right when it comes ...
@bilboy are you dumb ?? Madrid have been playing awesome off ate without ronaldo thanks to karim benzema ... its his presence that was missed
^Your last sentence is what i exactly mean ... schalke would be beaten by arsenal, united, chelsea or tottenham with relative ease ( even man city ) ... and kee...
Dumb f**k which part of the statement implies that schalke are an english team ??
^Barcelona maybe the best team in the world presently but that doesn't change the fact that apart from barcelona and madrid la liga lacks in quality ... Look ho...
You know why united don't tend to be dominant against chelsea ?? Its because we completely negate your flashy players ( earlier ronaldo ) and now Nani ..... Nan...
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