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Penalties given in a controversial manner have a habit of not making it to the back of the net.
6 years ago
I gotta disagree man. that first challenge should've been a yellow and wasn't. he was making rash tackles the entire game. clattenburg told him to calm down; he...
I've got a feeling that if howard stood in goal it'd be a different story...
Jeez. you can pretty much disregard the fact that i'm an arsenal fan. we're poor at the moment and it happens. clubs are always rising and falling in the league...
"doesn't matter what you play like, as long as you win?" what is that? what happened to class? style? honor?
So szczesny is number 3. and de gea gets the top two spots. ...yeah seems fair.
Plain and simple, mick mcarthy is the man. doesn't mince words. doesn't blame anyone else but himself. top class manager.
This video is like a 30 minute highlight reel for Szczesny...
Coming from the kid whose team got relegated...
How about congrats to dudek? awesome career.
7 years ago
Is it just me or does anybody else really like the matches with no commentary? just the sounds on the pitch, and the crowds reaction. nothing better.
Yeah...because that's how it works...
That divine light? shining over messi? they should have that in real life.
You mean worthless, right?
If I hear one more commentator calling a bicycle kick a "Rooney", I'm going to lose it. It was an incredible goal, sure. But jeez, you'd thing he invented the t...
L.O.L and who're the toffee's playing the champions league? ...oh wait.
How can you not acknowledge gerrard playing his heart out...
Vuvuzelas. the bane of my existence.
Hahaha. mick mccarthy is not one to mince words. a lot of respect for that man.
Can't stand these commentators...
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