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You guys are just jeaoulus
3 years ago
They deserve to win because they will never walk alone. Suarez deserves the number 7 :D
Did you mean Real Madrid ? Barcelona don't need him man. Suarez is just for Liverpool. he deserves the number 7. he is the next best player in the world
I don't see any Madrid fans in this comment sections >.
Yes he is.he is my favorite player in madrid
Wow. i like how the ball boys did really good job in that match! villareal did a good job too!
That's why football is played as a team. and messi can prove he is able to play as team player. remember in end of 2010 season, messi had most goals and most as...
I agree with Mejay. it is such waste our time hearing a person yells ronaldo is better than messi. if the people in the whole world would vote, Messi got 90% vo...
In fact Ronaldo was so dumb facing Messi in Champions League Finale,in El Classico and other mathces
I agree with CRap 7. Messi is way better to be compared with Ronaldo. i am not sure Ronaldo even better than Bojan
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