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He meant mother ferckers
5 years ago
No. robben and basty should still take penalties. why would a coach keep them traumatized for the rest of their careers. great players bounce back from those
6 years ago
That. you edited your post. better. the first one doesn't just makes any sense
This game breaks my heart. undeserved bayern loss
Gossip girl haha
For the neutrals. by that i mean the non-barca-real-fans goodwork chelsea and especially bayern.
Its a joke. Gigiggg9
Shazli95. It is very different in a way that barca dominated both legs but very much 'unlucky' or whatever you call it if not 'luck'. It just didnt go their way...
Actually it is hahaha /troll
Bayern still can. and barca already have 2 or 3 trophies. from the supercups and the world club finals (if it matters). ang soon inevitably the copa.
I see. chelsea's line up is much more messed up. It will be very difficult for them to win against the home team. It is bayern's year.
It is a penalty. Alaba threw his body akwardly, even if his arms are tucked in, the direction of his body is towards intercepting the ball. I like bayern, but i...
Skillwise, messi is still the best atm. if silverware is to be considered heavily, it will be a tough choice.
There are defenders who are deadball specialist. i dont know if ramos is one. there are also strikers that are not that good with spot kicks. composure is very ...
Can roben play in the finals? he was booked. alaba can't play
Bayern will win the title at home. i knew bayern can stop real madrid head on. conclusively
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