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Hey was up chelsea is de best team
8 years ago
Haha woher aus Deutschland kommst du?
Carlo sticks with the 4-2-2-diamond thing... no matter what happens... But heey, 4-4-2 worked great vs big teams!
Na klar ;D
Hey do you talk german?
I'd like to see the time, when Fulham's second club can defeat a team like Watford, let alone scoring five and conceding none...
No, 4-5-1.
Yeah, but look at Xavi or Pirlo. They do the same and are holding mids, too.
Diaby definitely has his great form back. One of the best holding midfielders in the making. Can anyone tell me why Hull conceded four yellow cards on ONE occa...
Wow what a damn conceded goal once again... what the hell are these lucky goals all about? How can we stop this crap? Well anyway 3 points, that's what is impor...
It has to be something more than 3-0 to show our ambtinions and that we're back where we defeated Spurs 3-0 and Arsenal 3-0!
Yeah sometimes Rafa makes stupid subs but this drama is certainly not his fault...
Another great display by Super Mario... credit to him.
Great performance by Stoch, that lad is really developing perfectly at Twente!
Yeah Anelka's finish was really good and Cech is also getting worse and worse... as you said, shot stopping is brilliant still, but we're having huge problems i...
Simply stupid rule... nothing more to add to what Avram said. But that's the rule, he got red... can't do anything about it now... And great season by Bent, th...
Wow... so many chances and no goal for United - normally they were the ones getting goals from nothing... Stupid dive by Wazza and stupid complaints by Fergie....
1 Chelsea 2 United 3 Arsenal 4 City 5 A'Villa 6 Liverpool 7 Spurs
Very unlucky defending yesterday, we deserved to win! Drogba and Anelka are on fire, we will miss Didier and Essien in January, but we're also playing easy team...
Great goal by Cahill and good performance by Tevez... Bellamy didn't deserve that red card, but anyway... City won't be challenging anywhere near the title - t...
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