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1 year ago
5 years ago
.....aaaaaaaand hes jinxed it
Literally cannot get enough of superjans superman celebration
6 years ago
Haha hansen, he just cant leave it alone for a single week can he...
AARRRRRGGHHHH HERETICS!!!! bring me 'arry redknapps head and ill RAPE his eye sockets and use his jaw as an ash tray. GET ME LEVY. MAKE HIM SACK REDKNAPP. POINT...
Yeah i understand what your saying but to be fair, its a different situation though isnt it. demba ba (37 in 97 for his club in the bundeliga) has knee problems...
What a massive surprise!!!
I have a lot of west ham friends... they still bitch about him, even after that hat trick. mostly i hear the words and phrases :- "overrated" "selfish" "adds no...
PARKER captain
In my opinion, although the teams performance didn't hit the lofty heights we all expect it to, its not as if the performance was the sole reason for the loss. ...
Thanks very, very much guys. honestly invaluable.
Does anyone know of a site that i can download full games from? getting tired of working through the game and motd every week and having to try and form an opin...
Did i miss something...? since when did a team become high quality by playing with 9 defenders and parking the bus for 90 minutes? in my opinion the reason why...
This guys obviously a genius...
IMHO Harry should be able to say this about Modric, or anyone else for that matter, if it equates to the truth. Although the writing was on the wall as to why h...
Id be a rich man if i had a tenner for every time ive seen Wilshere kicking off. i totally agree with Kotaru13, he has the potential to be a great player, one o...
7 years ago
When did Liverpool fans turn into such arrogant, bragging winners? A couple of good results and they think its the 70's again...
Actually if you read again i never mentioned the ref... i was responding to some fool who reckons people should just "move on" and forget about it when there mi...
I stick up for my own team mate... but either way it doesnt change the debate, if refs cant do their job (not saying its an easy one!!) they need to be given ex...
Yeah this is very true. goal line tech needs to be introduced FOR THE BENEFIT OF EVERYONE. not just spurs fans. doesnt change the fact that we were the only t...
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