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Hey, thanks a lot :)
7 years ago
If you want to keep a video, use IDM. Internet download manager. U can DL it using vuze or wyzo or any Torrent program you like. the current version should be 2...
I just don't get abramovich..i mean, ancelotti won a double in his first season at the club..let's be honest, the guy really did a decent job last season..this ...
Is there any way i can download this video? i want to have it on my computer so i can watch it whenever i want :)
That fourth goal was just brilliant...
Man united played great..they had a lot of precise passes, good assists and most importantly plenty of nice was an awesome match overall..
I just couldn't believe that he scored 5 goals..i was like wtf is happening lol :D i know he can score goals like this but i haven't seen him scoring consistent...
Germany is great
I love cannavaro
Hahaha that was quite funny..esp the last question :D
I don't support france but i agree with you..
8 years ago
WTF?that ref was horrible...he saw that fabiano touched the ball with his arm and didn't do anything..and that second yellow card for kaka..disgraceful
To be honest, i thought that germany will beat serbia..i think that everyone expected that..i'm sooo glad that we(serbia) somehow managed to beat germans but i ... too..i mean he is a world class player but he's too selfish i hate that..
I could watch this 100 times and it still won't be boring :)
Hehe RonAldinOmiLan you're right :D
Well me too but i like to watch manchester united more lol
I can't wait for the new season to start :)
I think they did deserve better..maybe a draw :)
Wow..portugal drew..i sure didn't expect that to happen..well done cape verde islands.. i like portugal's kit btw :D
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