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Imo Ghana deserves to get through (been a pleasure to watch), you can argue so does US. It's a shame they are in such a group.
3 weeks ago
Easy aikayars. get your s**t straight before accusing others of "chatting s**t"
There is no pleasing everyone is there. If the rumours of him coming are true I think that could a great deal coming our way. A risk but of course given the pri...
1 month ago
It's bloody annoying we can't keep our good players. sagna and vermaelen are big blows. even if he wasn't a starter, this is the sort of experience and quality ...
I think he was our 2nd best player in his last season with us. Definitely had presence in midfield, aggressive and powerful. Linked up very well with rvp. He ha...
It's upsetting really. I feel like it's gonna come back and bite us in the ass in the league. Very similar feeling to when we gave rvp away to utd. Though in th...
It's interesting that only south american teams have won the tournaments held in the americas. I think the only teams to have won it on a foreign continent are...
My guess would be that the club can go over 30 mil net. Definitely more than we did last summer. We have new commercial money kicking in. The stadium repayment ...
@ashup78 hence the 50 mil quid price tag. no expectation, no pressure. roman's pockets were just getting kinda heavy. lol true about torres though, he got his ...
Keep in mind the formation he played in under mou. depending on the price he could be a good option to have.
Clearly the article was written by a butt hurt fan. written in a way as if he is a flop and if it weren't for all those gooners lurking around the internet he w...
As he looks at our offensive abilities I hope the defensive side of the game is not overlooked. We were fairly lucky this year with our 2 CBs staying fit. The f...
Illman just Watched
Chelsea Vs. PSG
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