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Burley made an arguable statement. you on the hand Somere are making a stupid one. Let them touch the ball first in the PL as a team before making such statemen...
2 weeks ago
I'd rather we got him too, but saying we're back to fourth is a slight overreaction to the news I think. We have a stacked gelled midfield familiar with each ot...
There is a basic feature of value that people seem to disregard in football. Value is not the same for everyone. I might be willing to pay more for a kindle tha...
1 month ago
^ so trillion and one cockroaches?
^ absolutely. top teams almost never sell to a rival. Arsenal over the years is an outlier with 3 on this list (Anelka was sold to Real), more if you consider t...
Came across an interesting stat on wiki. Over the history of the Premier League only 68 english players have gotten a winner's medal (about a third of all playe...
Hey guys. With all the annual summer transfer news parade I wanted to see what you guys think are our priorities. If we only get 1 or 2 players, what position w...
Haha I actually liked the joke :)
Nobody's ego is getting in. I feel strong about my club and its philosophy, always have, (in many ways wrt the beautiful game) and feel that appreciation for it...
@liquidator my source is the mass of photos on the internet. I'm simply stating my observation based on what I saw/read from various sources. If you think it's ...
Most decorated club in the world's oldest football tournament. No other english team has more silverware than us in last 2 seasons. First and last games of th...
Nice Blatter debate going below. Rare that we football fans unite on something together. I have a controversial argument here that Blatter's election could actu...
2 months ago
There are times when being honest is very high eeegay. There are reasons you can think of why some people would want to keep him in. Blatter has massive support...
His knowledge about the corrupted structure is irrelevant and arbitrary. I believe his forceful removal alone will not be the shining light towards a significan...
Agree with Dougie... but even if we say he was ineffective. The fact that younger less experienced Theo didn't do amazingly well under a different system is no ...
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