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What about the double save, crazy keeping, when you centre back scores goals like that, you know you have a good side.
Have to advertise the different strips no matter what!
He was shooting, just because you never in your wildest dreams could have done it, doesn't mean it was a cross.
It is funny that you mentioned, the word drivel in your piece. As that is all this piece is. I have seen this written about ten to twenty times in the last two ...
Somewhere on FootyTube
Super Mario deserves a little celebration, his team won, sore losers don't like it. United should have won it in the first half, they stuffed up. Really though,...
7 years ago
All you kooks giving Inzaghi grief are just tools, the guy is class, look how old he is and still playing the top level, what level are you guys playing? Xbox o...
Netherlands always self destruct, too many big ego's. I think Brazil will surprise all predictions and steal it. Maybe Ivory Coast will have a good run as well,...
Toure is class, looking forward to seeing him in the world cup.
Perez has again proved he is an idiot with no understanding of the game.
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