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Oh yeah, that. What most Spanish and some English teams are gonna do about the debt thing, I couldn't tell you. So far, at least it hasn't had an impact on the ...
First Bayern (curse of the incumbent though, so let's see), then Real Madrid, then Barça. Then perhaps PSG and then, maybe, Chelsea. Long shot, I think, really...
Even as a Barcelona fan, I found this fun to watch. This Real Madrid can, though not necessarily will, beat Bayern - the two best attacking teams at the moment,...
Yes, they should buy Bale back and start Giggs. Maybe Özil as well.
Arguably, Alexis Sánchez has improved his game.
As a neutral who's only seen the (pretty extensive) highlights, I'm not sure where the awesome votes for Sweden are coming from, exactly. It looked to me like t...
That second Japan goal...dayum. I think they're capable of causing an upset in 2014. Some really nice football there.
Wasn't that a bit flattering for Arsenal? I watched Barcelona, so I wouldn't know. Just what the highlights seem to tell me.
Definitely goal of the week. Amazing angle to score from.
Call me biased (I am) but I wouldn't say Abate was fully innocent. No debate on whether or not Neymar went down very easily (of course he did) but I think footb...
Financial Fairplay
I'll take a rain check on discussing the PK here but agree with the rest. If Milan go Europa League, I'm pretty sure he'll be out of THAT job.
Celtic weren't too bad at all. Why rubbish? You can't win them all 2-1 :) And they had a number of chances to score. Brown brought it on himself. Forester de...
16:20 shots Valencia, 10:9 on target Valencia. Plenty of chances on both sides. You Barça haters just can't take an exciting, balanced game. It just HAS to be ...
I'll take Villa's over Seferović's tho. Both amazing, but I know from my own experience that full volley from a cross is WAY more difficult than half-volley.
Didn't get to watch, unfortunately. Some Harlem Globetrotters goals here. I am wondering, however, how Neymar fits into the squad though I guess it's way too e...
You probably were. Many people vote based on how much they (dis)like the team. They don't care about football, nor have any clue about it. Haters gon' hate, jus...
Just a few points @ASFedayn: - Mussolini's name was just to illustrate how long ago it was. You could use Franco's name for Spain, and many others - I didn't ...
And by the way, I like Italy and respect their record (I cheered back in 2006) but titles from 1934 and 1938, or even 1982, are so completely unrelated to anyth...
Quotation marks and inverted commas, in this context, are synonymous. Anyways, "if what you say differs from my opinion, it's pure poo" is an argumentative lev...
Ilikeairports thought the Spain v Italy match was awesome
Ilikeairports nominated L. Messi (71') for Goal of the Week
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