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My votes for Dagaza, Tharius and RealFan.
2 weeks ago
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2 months ago
One trophy in the bag.. many more to go :)
This probably the first time I am satisfied with my team too.. Prices are very reasonable this time
ROFL... Jeroen your comment is just too funny :)
3 bad matches and the whole world thinks Iker isn't good!!! He saved us so many times last year in both Copa and the CL..
We are much more deadly this year... and what are you doing with a Barca fan!!!!!!
Great news... Must be a special feeling to be a friend of a Real Madrid player Imagine how Eero might be feeling now :)
3 months ago
Finally confirmed :)...
Perez please do not buy this cannibal 'Suarez'.. he is a disgusting individual.
4 months ago
Everyone agrees that Muller made aa meal of the challenge.. pepe could have shouted at him for diving.. but head butt????
Somebody please Slap Pepe... stupid moron..
Tika Taka is dead...
Shocking display by Spain and Netherlands have been spectacular.
Cameroon could have easily got atleast 2 players sent off, especially Song the way they are trying to hurt mexican players. I was wondering if the ref was blin...
If you thought that Ref in Brazil's match was bad.. you should have a look at the one refreeing Mexico's match now.. ruled two good goals as offside..
The password is wrong dude.. give the right one.
Great video,,, Thanks DaGaza
Cjayzz.... I take your challenge.... looks like everyone's team will be better than yours... :D
Https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JP-KY3ZxEmo Our Legends teaching the world how to play football,,, Morientes, Zizou, Seedorf,,, they still have the magic.. :D
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Chelsea Vs. PSG
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