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Wow.... go f**k yourself in the ass!!
6 years ago
Lol... 1 red card and 1 penalty still not enough.
Stupid baca fanboy making fun of other team without respect. Shame on you BarcaMyLove.
Barca fans forgetting about their unfair won with bad refreeing over Chelsea in CL 2009.. haha
Nope. I think he is getting old and cannot perform as when he is youthful.
What I want to laugh is that some Baca fanboys are whining from Chelsea while forgetting about their win with the bad refreeing in Champions League Semi Final 2...
Walcott bend his knees way too easily whenever defenders made soft contact with him. Remember 8-2 match.
Keep hating and being pleasant with 18. haha
Let it be mates coz he is just a fanboy who will bark back to anything without thinking carefully.
He must be sleepy during the match. hehe
@Gohonaf You must be a kid who only started watching man united matches after 2005.
I can understand you mates but injuries to key defenders is not a good reason. What about Man united? We had lost Vidic as long term like Varmaelen, Ferdinand, ...
Cow manure is for entire chelsea team including the owner. lol .. get yr life kid. haha
@Troubletonight Go, complain and report to both FA and UEFA. This is not the place for those whining like a bitch.
Thanks ILikeTurtles, I also like Vermaelen
Now I know Abdullah's brain is as small as his dick.
Should call torres back
2-3 is not against your team so shut the f**k up. 8-2 against your team remember haha.
Tell to your 8 match banned scum also.. :)
The team you support and the avatar you uploaded are totally incongruous. Get a life fanboy!! lol
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